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Insurance Guidelines
If you own a vehicle in India, it is compulsory to get your vehicle insured all the time under the laws of Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988.
Type Insurance:
Third Party Insurance Cover It is mandatory to have a Third-Party Insurance party by law. A Third-Party Insurance Policy covers only the physical damages caused by you to the third-party or their property.Comprehensive Insurance Cover Comprehensive Insurance policy covers the damages to you, your co-passengers, your vehicle plus the coverage which comes under third-party insurance policy.
Deductible and Coverage
Coverage is the amount that covers the damages caused to you, your vehicle or to the third-party. Deductibles are the costs which you have to pay by yourself against the damages caused which doesn't come under the Insurance Coverage.
The Insurance Premium is an annual fee you have to pay the insurance provider to insure your vehicle.
Documents Required:
You will need to submit all the details about your vehicles. A copy of your Registration and personal details will help in this case.
In case of any damages due to accident, theft or third-party damage, an assessment will be made on the damages before your claim is approved. In case of theft, major damages or third party damage, certain documents such as a copy of a FIR may be required.
Policy Period & Renewal:
Motor insurance is generally valid for the period of one year. You will have to renew your insurance before the due date.
No Claims Bonus:
You will be eligible for a 'No-Claims Bonus' only if no insurance claims were made in the previous term of the policy.
You can transfer your insurance policy from one insurance provider to another once your policy period ends. If you are selling your vehicle, you can either transfer your insurance policy to the one who is buying the vehicle, or you can cancel the policy altogether.
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