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With a new lease at life, Hero has upgraded its flagship performance bikes, the Karizma series. The cycle parts remain the same, but the revamped design and focus means it now targets a different audience. Is it the same bike that we used to know? Read on to find out what we think about the new 2014 Hero Karizma R.


2014 Hero Karizma R Logo


Design and Build Quality


The design of the new Karizma R has a lot of gimmicky features up its sleeve, wrapped around the same proven package. You will notice that a lot has changed. The original Karizma was sharp and stood apart in the parking lot, in a design that grew old gracefully. The newer design though seems like a mash-up of cues from all over the automotive space. Each element by itself looks unique, but together it looks odd to the eye. Build quality is good, but has a lot of room for improvement.


2014 Hero Karizma R Front


Ergonomics & Features


At the risk of getting harmed by diehard fans, I have to say that in terms of ergonomics, it feels like the Karizma has taken a few cues from the magnificent Honda Goldwing. The seating posture on the bike feels plusher than before, with a soft and cushiony seat and a comfortable reach to the clip on handle bars. The bike now feels more like a luxurious mile cruncher.


2014 Hero Karizma R Ergonomics


While it has all the basic necessities, the new Karizma R comes with very few features, like the stacked projector headlamps and LED tail lights. The instrument console remains unchanged, which isn't a good thing. On the new bike, it looks outdated and out of place.


2014 Hero Karizma R Headlights 2014 Hero Karizma R Speedometer


Powertrain & Performance


The new Karizma R comes equipped with the same 223cc engine as the previous generation model, albeit in a different state of tune. Power has been hiked to 19.2 bhp, whereas the torque has also increased to 19.35 Nm. There isn’t any perceivable change in terms of the character though. You still feel the bike accelerate with the same sense of urgency as its predecessor. A slight bump in power squeezed out of the same motor isn’t quiet noticeable, but is a welcome upgrade to keep up with bikes in its price range.


Hero claims that the Karizma R delivers over 45 km a litre, but a real world mileage of 40 kmpl is what we got during the review.


2014 Hero Karizma R Engine


Check out the full technical specifications of the Hero Karizma R here


Ride, Dynamics and Braking


The Karizma was always a strong contender in the ride comfort department, and Hero has only added to the positive points of the existing model. Handling-wise, the bike’s well balanced, stable when cornering, and steady in a straight line. The only complaint we have is the slight lack of front end feel, which we think is due to the overly soft front end damping.


2014 Hero Karizma R Handling


The bike comes equipped with a disc brake at the front and a disc at the rear. The front offers more than sufficient bite, whereas the rear is just about adequate.


2014 Hero Karizma R Front Wheel 2014 Hero Karizma R Rear Brake




The Karizma R still remains a good option to munch long highway miles, and for the daily commute to work. The mechanicals may be a decade old, but they are extremely reliable, and the redesign and power upgrade gives them a fresh lease at life, making them relevant in the present day and age. The go-to bike for die-hard tourers on a budget


2014 Hero Karizma R


Special thanks to Adyar Motors, Chennai, for providing us with the Hero Karizma R for the review


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Engine Air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 19.2 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Torque 19.35 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Chassis Type Diamond Frame
Brakes Front:Disc, dia 276 mm
Rear:Drum, dia 130 mm, Internal expanding shoe type
Suspension Front:Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear:Swing arm with 5 step adjustable type hydraulic shock absorber
Kerb Weight 150
Fuel Tank Capacity 15
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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