Honda CB Shine - Review


The CB Shine was Honda’s first 125cc bike in India, introduced way back in 2006. We review the 2014 version, to find out what makes it one of the highest-selling motorcycles in the Indian market.

2014 Honda CB Shine Review Intro


Design & Build Quality

2014 Honda CB Shine Review Design

The CB Shine carries an elegantly-styled body that seems subtle and inoffensive. The graphics on the tank meld well with the design, adding a touch of life to the otherwise dull palette.

Build quality is solid on the Shine. The panels seemed to fit well, and the matte-finish on the engine and wheels look and feel upmarket. We felt that the switchgear could have been given a better finish. Overall though, the CB Shine is a well-made bike for its price.



2014 Honda CB Shine Review Ergonomics

In terms ergonomics, the CB Shine offers the typical commuter riding posture, seating the rider upright, with the foot pegs set in the middle. You don’t need to extend to reach the controls; your arms and feet fall into place naturally. This makes commuting on the CB Shine a comfortable affair.


Engine & Performance

2014 Honda CB Shine Review Performance

This is one of the CB Shine’s highlights. The 125cc engine is a smooth performer, literally. It feels very refined, runs quietly at low speeds, and gives out no vibrations whatsoever. The engine produces a good amount of torque at low rpms, which helps the CB Shine to accelerate quickly and cleanly from standstill.  It even allows the bike to run at 20 kmph in 4th gear without any knocking or stuttering. Only when you push the engine very hard does it start to protest, sounding quite strained at high RPMs.

The CB Shine comes with a 4-speed gearbox. While the gears are well-spaced, allowing for good in-gear acceleration, we sorely missed a 5th gear, which would have enabled to bike to cruise at higher speeds. The engine develops sufficient power and torque to accommodate the use of a fifth cog, but it looks like Honda has omitted it in the interest of keeping costs down.


Handling & Ride Quality

2014 Honda CB Shine Review Handling

Riding the CB Shine in traffic is a breeze. Its low weight combined with a good chassis and suspension setup makes manoeuvring through gaps effortless. Even when taking corners fast, it feels very stable.

Ride quality though, is a little towards the harsher side. It isn’t outright discomforting, although even small imperfections will be felt by the rider when riding through a rough patch. This is probably the CB Shine’s weakest link overall.   



2014 Honda CB Shine Review Braking

The CB Shine comes equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum at the rear. We found the brakes to be very efficient, effectively decelerating even from 60 kmph. Brake feel is good too, being progressive and reassuring, rather than sudden and sharp. We feel that the CB Shine’s braking performance is amongst the best in its segment.



2014 Honda CB Shine Review Conclusion

The CB shine comes fitted with standard Honda switch gear that includes a pass-light switch, a small-but-essential feature that many manufacturers fail to provide on their bikes. The Shine also gets alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, a maintenance-free battery, and a maintenance-free air filter, all as standard fitment.


Final Word

We now understand what makes the Honda CB Shine the preferred choice for lakhs of riders across India. The only shortfalls we came across were the slightly harsh ride quality, and the lack of a fifth cog in the gearbox. On the brighter side, it looks smart, performs very smoothly, is reasonably quick, and handles pretty well. At Rs 58,925 (on-road, Delhi) for the base drum-brake version, and at Rs 62,298 (on-road, Delhi) for the front disc-brake variant, it also poses good value for money. If you are in the market looking for a good commuter motorcycle between Rs 55,000 – Rs 65,000, the Honda CB Shine is one motorcycle you must take a closer look at. 

Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 10.12 bhp @ 7500rpm
Torque 10.54 Nm @ 5500rpm
Chassis Type Advanced Design Diamond Frame
Brakes Front:Disc Dia 240 mm
Rear:Drum, Dia 130 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic Fork
Rear:3-step Hydraulic Spring Loaded type
Kerb Weight 120
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.5
Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Good Brakes
  • Nimble Handling
  • Slightly Harsh Ride Quality
  • Should have come with a 5-speed gear box
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Value for Money
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Jaichandran Jayapalan