Royal Enfield Continental GT Review


The Continental GT is Royal Enfield's sportiest motorcycle yet, an attempt at recreating a motorcycling icon of the 1960s. Does this born again cafe racer fit into our modern day lifestyle? Read on as we find out!

Royal Enfield Continental GT Review Introduction

Design - Modern Day Cafe Racer

To sum it up in a word, the Continental GT looks nothing short of stunning. Design touches like the long fuel tank and minimalistic body panels, complimented by the shining aluminium spoke wheels and engine casing, lend the bike a unique visual identity that cannot be mistaken.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Design

Build Quality - Vastly Improved, But Still Not The Best

The finish levels are the best we've seen on a Royal Enfield to date, with top quality metals and plastics used in the bike's construction. A few unsightly exposed welds on the chassis prevent it from being perfect .

Royal Enfield Continental GT Build Quality

Ergonomics - Sporty, Yet Usable

Relaxed ergonomics aren't words you'd associate with any cafe racer, and the Continental GT is no different. The low clip on handlebars and rear set foot pegs seat the rider in a sporty forward-bent posture. This position is great for spirited riding, but less so for touring long distances. The ergonomics though aren’t overtly focussed or cramped like most sport bikes. Riders of all sizes will find the GT quite accommodating.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Ergonomics

Engine & Performance - Entertainment Guaranteed

The Continental GT’s 535cc long-stoke single-cylinder engine is an air-cooled and fuel-injected unit, and it develops a generous amount of power. The bike responds crisply to throttle inputs by ferociously charging forward on the 44 Nm of torque on offer. 0-100 kmph is dispensed in less than 13 seconds, with a top speed just under 140 kmph. With the optional performance exhaust fitted, it sounds really nice too!

Royal Enfield Continental GT Engine and Performance

Handling - Best Handling Royal Enfield Till Date

The Continental GT handles quite well for a bike that weighs nearly 190 kg. The specially-designed chassis, firm suspension setup, and sticky Pirelli tyres allow the bike to be supremely stable in a straight line, as well as when cornering hard. You will need to put in a little more physical effort when you are riding enthusiastically because of the weight. The Continental GT has a large turning radius, one of the largest amongst Indian motorcycles, so tight U-turns will be tricky to negotiate.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Handling

Ride Quality - Firm Suspension Equals To Firm Ride

With the gas-charged Paioli shock absorbers set-up firm to aid handling, the GT’s ride quality isn’t the most comfortable around, but it isn’t bone-jarringly hard either. However, It does feel a little unsettled when riding on rough patches.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Ride Quality

Braking - Top-class Stopping Power

The Continental GT features Brembo disc brakes and callipers that offer stellar stopping performance time and again. Lever feedback is quite good, and it is easy to modulate the brakes to bring the bike to a swift and controlled stop.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Brakes


Not many standard features adorn the GT, but if you wish, you can choose optional extras such as a flat rider-cum-pillion seat, performance exhaust, and a set of beautiful alloy bar-end mirrors. The mirrors deserve a special mention, as they not only look better than the standard ones, but also show more of what’s happening behind you, and most importantly, they do not vibrate at speed.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Features

Price - Good Value For Money

At just over Rs 2 lakhs (on-road, Delhi), the Royal Enfield Continental GT poses very good value for money, considering the performance, the aesthetic package, and the quality of components it has on offer.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Price

Conclusion - A Bike For The Discerning Biker

The Royal Enfield Continental GT succeeds in tugging our heart strings with its beautiful retro design and contemporary mechanicals; it looks like a custom-made cafe racer, but rides and handles like a modern performance bike. It offers an experience unlike any other motorcycle on sale in the country right now. So if you want a unique motorcycle, something that feels special every time it is taken out for a ride, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is the right machine for you!


Stunning Design


High-end quality  components

Offers a unique experience


Firm ride quality

Impractical seating option (with stock solo rider saddle)

Large turning radius

Not the best welding finish on chassis



Technical Specifications



535cc air-cooled single cylinder


29.1 bhp @ 5100 rpm


44 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Chassis Type

Twin Downtube Cradle Frame


Front: Disc – Dia:300mm

Rear: Disc – Dia:240mm


Front:  Telescopic

Rear: Twin gas-charged shock absorbers

Kerb Weight

184 Kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

13 Litres


(Ex-Showroom, Delhi)




Special thanks to Classic Motorcycles, Chennai, who provided us a Royal Enfield Continental GT for the review.


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Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 29.1 bhp @ 5100 rpm
Torque 44 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Chassis Type Twin Downtube Cradle Frame
Brakes Front:Disc, dia. 300mm
Rear:Disc, dia 240 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic Forks, 41mm dia, 110mm travel
Rear:Twin Gas-charged shock absorbers, 80 mm travel
Kerb Weight 184
Fuel Tank Capacity 13
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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  • Vibrations at high speed
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