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Suzuki was until recently one of the top players in the Indian scooter segment, but over the last couple of years, competition had become increasingly fierce. In mid-2014, the company launched the Let’s, a compact scooter aimed at the youth, to take on the successful Honda Activa-i, and the popular Yamaha Ray. We test Suzuki’s latest offering to find out how it performs, and to see how it stacks up against its rivals.  

Suzuki Lets Review Intro


Design & Build Quality

Suzuki Lets Review Design

The Suzuki Let’s is a compact scooter, designed to appeal to the younger generation. We though didn’t find the styling very attractive. While it may not be the best-looking scooter around, it sure is one of the best-built in its class. The plastics employed throughout seemed of very good quality, and there were no visible inconsistencies in the overall fit and finish.



Suzuki Lets Review Ergonomics

The diminutive dimensions of the Let’s mean that it isn’t very spacious for two riders, especially when a large person is astride. It is fairly comfortable while riding solo, but if you are over 5’ 10”, you will need to stretch forward a bit to reach the handlebar. This could cause discomfort when riding for long durations. The ergonomics of the Let’s then, is best suited for riders of heights 5’ 9” and under.


Engine & Performance

Suzuki Lets Review Performance


The 112cc single cylinder engine that powers the Let’s develops 8.7 bhp and 9 Nm of torque, which are impressive numbers, but what is even more impressive is the power-to-weight ratio. Weighing in at just 98 kg, the Let’s has a power-to-weight ratio of 88.7 bhp/ton, which is the best amongst its peers. This translates into some entertaining performance on the road. It accelerates quickly for a scooter of this category, hitting 70 kmph even before you know it. There is also enough torque on offer to execute quick overtakes. You’ll have a lot of fun zipping from one traffic light to the other on the Suzuki Let’s.


Ride & Handling

Suzuki Lets Review Handling

The Let’s is a hoot to scoot on. It’s lightweight construction and compact dimensions make it feel light-footed while riding through traffic. Not only does it change directions quickly, it also feels pretty stable when cornering at speed too.

As far as comfort is concerned, the telescopic front suspension and the rear monoshock adeptly cushion the rider from irregularities on the road, thereby imparting a superior ride quality.



Suzuki Lets Review Braking

The 120mm drum brakes that come fitted on both wheels are sufficiently powerful, and do a good job of stopping the scooter. Under hard-braking from 35 kmph, the Suzuki Let’s came to a dead halt in 6.9m, which is one of the best figures we’ve seen for a scooter. In this situation though, the wheels locked up for almost the entire distance. We think that this could be a result of the tires lacking the grip to handle the load from hard braking.



Suzuki Lets Review Features

Features-wise, the Let’s comes with a retractable bag hook at the front, capacious underseat storage, tubeless tyres, and an optional mobile phone charger.



Suzuki Lets Review Verdict

The Let’s is a sprightly little scooter that’s a lot of fun to ride. It accelerates very quickly, handles really well for a scooter, and is built fairly well. What works against it though is the lack of an attractive, trendy design, and its compact dimensions means space is at a premium for riding two up. But at Rs 49,910 (on-road, Delhi), we feel it is a value for money proposition, given the performance, ride comfort, and build quality on offer. If you are one of those who are looking for an entertaining compact scooter as your daily runabout, the Suzuki Let’s is one scooter that is worth checking out.


Engine 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC
Power 8.7 hp@7,500rpm
Torque 9.0Nm@6,500rpm
Chassis Type
Brakes Front:120mm Drum
Rear:120mm Drum
Suspension Front:Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
Rear:Swing Arm Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
Kerb Weight 98
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.2
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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