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The FZ series are a range of bikes that have managed to perform exceedingly well in the country, thanks to Yamaha’s experience and expedience with performance motorcycles in the two-wheeler industry. The FZ-16 and the FZ-S are downscaled models of the company’s naked street brawler FZ-01 albeit with an emphasis on city commuting. The FZs are arguably one of the most successful 150cc segment models in India owing largely to their formidable looks, fat rear tires that make you go WOW!, comfortable seating posture, satisfactory performance, and functionality. However, there were a large number of complaints with regard to the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency which left a lot of customers dissatisfied and grumpy.


Enter Yamaha’s latest progeny, the new FZ-Fi v2.0. The updated model has witnessed a number of significant changes in almost all departments, chief among them being the incorporation of a new fuel-injection system and Yamaha’s patented Blue Core technology, both of which promise to grant superior efficiency without holding performance hostage. Our comprehensive review of the all-new FZ-Fi will tell you the intricate details.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Review - Intro


Design and Build Quality


While the FZ v2.0 is a new product, it would certainly not be right to call it ‘new’ in terms of its appearance. We came across the design as a rehash of the old FZ16, but with a few refreshing quirks added. The petrol tank has undergone a bit more detailing and visually looks a bit more muscular on the sides. The creases on the tank are now much more sculpted and sharper. The faux air scoops on the lower front of the tank give it the looks of a superior street brawler.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Design


On the rear end, you will notice that the motorcycle now sports a new tail section with a sharper taillight and a split alloy grab-rail that makes it highly distinguishable from its earlier model. The motorcycle also gets a split seats for the ride and pillion, which honestly makes it look much better than the long saddle on the earlier bike. An extended rear mudguard ensures that much of the dirt is accumulated on it rather than on the shock absorber and the underside, but it does looks out of place on bike like the FZ. The silencer sees a silver coated finish and a nifty heat shield.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Rear


We were startled to find the quality of plastic and finish levels were below the high standards that Yamaha had set for itself over the years. The side panels and rear taillight were flimsy and loose, pointing to the fact that it would have done this product some good if it had spent a little longer in the quality control department.




The new FZ-Fi’s seating posture remains the same as its predecessor, with the rider seat being quite accommodative, if a tad hard. The pillion seat was a bit more raised but was nevertheless quite comfortable.

2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Ergonomics


Engine and Performance


The new FZ-Fi incorporates an all-new engine that is slightly smaller than the FZ16’s. The fuel-injected single cylinder engine displaces 149cc, and outputs 12.9 bhp at 8000 rpm and 12.8 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. For comparison, the previous model’s engine displaced 153cc, and delivered 13.8 bhp of power and 13.6 Nm of torque.

2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Engine


Though these are significant reductions, the engine performs smoothly throughout, but it feels like it lacks the grunt in the lower rpm range which made the carbureted FZ a joy to ride. The power starts to kick in only after 7000 rpm. The inclusion of the fuel-injection system is a welcome change to the old FZ - even the slightest of twists on the accelerator gives you an instant forward surge. The 5-speed manual gearbox is smooth to operate, and we didn’t encounter any niggles with it. Overall, the engine performance was found to be a lot more refined and power delivery more linear, but compared to other premium 150cc bikes, the FZ-Fi feels quite underpowered.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Performance


Fuel Economy


And now for the question that lingers in the mind of every Indian looking to buy a two-wheeler – ‘What is the mileage?’ the FZ-Fi is the first vehicle to make use of the Yamaha’s Blue Core technology. The company claims that the addition of this high end tech has ensured a drastic decrease in fuel consumption and emission levels, roughly by 14%.


While the old FZ wasn’t too rewarding in terms of fuel efficiency (roughly 40kmpl), the new FZ-Fi in our review gave us an efficiency figure of roughly 48kmpl, which is pretty good.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Mileage


Vehicle Dynamics, Ride Quality and Braking


The Japanese company had revealed that they had worked on a new chassis with much of their focus directed towards weight reduction and you will appreciate the difference in mass especially if you had ridden the older FZ. The new FZ v2.0 weighs 132 kg - that’s 3kg lesser than the last model. This directly contributes to improved steering response, which makes it easier to skim through unwavering traffic city traffic.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Handling


The suspension and braking departments do not see any modifications whatsoever. On the roads, the ride quality is reminiscent of the old FZ, but softer, and the brakes have enough power to bring FZ-Fi to a swift stop whenever called upon. The MRF Nylogrip Zapper tires remain as they are. The FZ has always been popular for its rear tire, and Yamaha have been sapient enough in not removing one of the trademarks of the bike. Despite being one of the lightest 150cc performance bikes out there, stability is quite good, and has been ably supported by the 140-section width rear tire.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Front Disc Brake 2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Rear Monoshock




The instrument console features a smart-looking rectangular orange-backlit LCD display with five LEDs for – indicator lights, low fuel indicator, high beam indicator, neutral indicator and an ECO light that lights up when the bike is ridden in an eco-friendly manner. A tripmeter/odometer switch is also present right below to toggle between the two. On the petrol tank, you’ll find a raised moniker containing the words ‘Blue Core’ in a blue and white graphic to constantly remind you of Yamaha’s new fuel-saving tech.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Speedometer


Switchgear functionality was found to be fine and it feels good to get your fingers on the plastic. The split seat means that now you’ll only need to detach the pillion seat to access the tiny underseat storage space, where you can stash your bike’s documents, tools, and first-aid kit. The Yamaha FZ FI v2.0 comes in Scorching Red and Panther Black while the FZ-S FI v2.0 is available in Moon Walk White, Astral Blue, Cyber Green and Molten Orange.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Switchgear 2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2 Seats





Priced at Rs 76,250 (ex-showroom Delhi) the FZ-Fi v2.0 is a remarkable motorcycle and has been simply bombarded with many new additions. Regardless of the updates, the bike still holds the machismo that it’s so strongly associated with. There’s really no reason to be skeptical about purchasing the motorcycle, and you can rest assured that with the fuel injection and enhanced fuel efficiency, this is the FZ that can go the distance.


2014 Yamaha FZ-Fi v2


Special thanks to Bikerz Yamaha, Chennai, for providing us with the Yamaha FZ-Fi for the review


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Engine Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Power 12.9bhp @ 8000rpm
Torque 12.80 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Chassis Type Diamond Frame
Brakes Front:Disc
Suspension Front:Telescopic Fork
Kerb Weight 132
Fuel Tank Capacity 12
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