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The Honda CB Unicorn was one of India’s best-selling 150cc motorcycles in India. It was quick on its feet, very refined, and efficient too, everything a premium commuter should be. It has been selling in good numbers month after month, but in the face of increasingly stiff competition, the CB Unicorn had begun to lose some of its sheen. Honda sensed this, and set about revamping its old workhorse. Behold, the CB Unicorn 160, the newest entrant in the premium commuter segment. We take it around for a long ride to find out just how well it performs.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Intro



Honda’s executive commuters have always had restrained styling, and the CB Unicorn 160 is no different. It may not have the visual pizzazz of a say, a Suzuki Gixxer or a Yamaha FZ16, but it looks pretty dapper and handsome. We think this sort of styling will definitely strike a chord with the mature audience.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Design


Build Quality

As is the norm with Honda motorcycles, the Unicorn 160 is one well-built bike. The level of finish is definitely a couple of notches higher than the segment norm. It sure does feel like it can take quite a bit of beating.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Build Quality



The Unicorn 160 offers great ergonomics for both rider and pillion. The seat is spacious, the handlebar is wide, and the foot controls are set in the middle. This posture is very comfortable, and makes long commutes on this bike is a cinch.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Ergonomics



Out goes the old 150cc unit, and in comes a brand-new 162cc motor. This engine is one of the key highlights of the Honda CB Unicorn 160. It feels really smooth, and is almost inaudible at low engine speeds. Regardless, it accelerates with gusto, getting to 80kmph quite quickly. Shifting gears though was our only bugbear on this bike, which felt hard and clunky at times.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Performance


Handling & Ride Quality

While the Unicorn 160 is quite nimble and agile to ride in traffic, a corner-carving demon it isn’t, given its commuter-focused ergos. Still, it does feel quite stable when taking corners at speed.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Handling

We found the ride quality to be slightly harsh, especially over large bumps and potholes. Small imperfections are filtered out reasonably well.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Ride Quality



The CB Unicorn 160 comes equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, along with Combined Braking System, a mechanism that actuates both the front and the rear simultaneously when only the rear brake lever is depressed. This set-up offered strong deceleration, along with good feedback. In our braking test, the CB Unicorn 160 came to a halt from 50 kmph in 10.5 m, trumping many of its rivals in the process.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Braking



The bike comes with a fully-digital information display that look eerily similar to the one used on the CB Trigger. It is a very functional unit, with all required info presented in a neat layout that’s easy to read. Also included is an H-shaped LED tail-light, which gives it a distinctive look from the rear.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Features



The base variant of both the Honda CB Unicorn 160 is priced at around Rs 72,500, while the top-of-the-line CBS variant is priced at around Rs 77,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi). While you can’t term it value for money per se, you won’t feel short-changed for what you get.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Price


Final Word

So, is the CB Unicorn 160 a worthy successor to the highly-popular previous-gen model? You bet it is! The bike carries over the core ethos of the original Unicorn, with a few crucial improvements, which give it an enhanced appeal. It looks sleek, is sufficiently powerful, very smooth, and quite comfortable to ride on a daily basis. On the flipside, it has gotten a lot more expensive, but then again, it is priced at par with most other bikes in the segment. For those who want a fuss-free bike for daily use that’s quick, yet understated, look no further than this masterpiece from Honda.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 Review – Final Word

Engine Air Cooled, 4 Stroke
Power 14.5 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Torque 14.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Chassis Type Diamond
Brakes Front:240mm Disc
Rear:130mm Drum
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Rear:Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type (Monoshock)
Kerb Weight 135
Fuel Tank Capacity 12
Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Nimble Handling
  • ergonomics
  • Performance (Pick-up)
  • Slightly Harsh Ride Quality
  • Gearbox feels clunky and imprecise
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