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The Fascino is Yamaha’s third scooter in the past three years, introduced as a part of Yamaha’s re-jigged product strategy for India. While the Ray twins targeted at youngsters, and the Alpha for the matured audience, the Fascino was launched to fill the gap in the middle. We take it for a spin around the city to find out what it feels like.

Yamaha Fascino  - Intro


Styling & Build quality

The Fascino is one stylish scooter. Its design is in part inspired by the scooters of the bygone era, with a contemporary twist, culminating in a sort of neo-retro design that is quite appealing. Moreover, it also comes in four other vibrant shades apart from black. One sore point though, was the chrome accents that were peppered all around the scooter. We think that it’d look a sight more sophisticated and less garish had it been given a painted metallic silver finish, like the pillion grab rail. As for the build quality, Yamaha scooters generally built pretty well, and the Fascino isn’t any different. It feels quite solidly put together, and the materials used seem to be of good quality too.

Yamaha Fascino  - Styling



The Fascino allows for a comfortable upright riding posture. The seat is sufficiently sized and will accommodate large riders with ease. With regards to the pillion seat, while it is sufficiently comfortable, we found the rear grab rail to be really low and lacking in back support.

Yamaha Fascino  - Ergonomics



The 113cc engine that powers the Fascino is the same unit found on the Ray and the Alpha. It does feel quite energetic, but performance can only be termed at par with rivals, if not faster. The engine is very refined, and it feels smooth on the run, even at 70 kmph.

Yamaha Fascino  - Performance


Handling & Ride quality

While it isn’t as agile as the Ray, the Fascino is pretty nimble, and takes the tight gaps through traffic with relative ease. Ride quality is very good, with the telescopic front forks and the rear monoshock damping road imperfections quite effectively.

Yamaha Fascino  - Handling



The Fascino comes equipped with drum brakes on both wheels, and they perform well to shed speed quickly. Even from 60 kmph, it slows downs with little effort, but had it come with a front disc brake, at least as an optional extra, then it’d have been even better.

Yamaha Fascino  - Braking



Features-wise, this Yamaha scooter doesn’t get too many, apart from a cavernous underseat storage space, a bottle slot, and a small bag hook up front. Compared to competitors that have features akin to motorcycles, the Fascino seems inadequately equipped.

Yamaha Fascino  - Features


Final word

At Rs 52,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Fascino is the most expensive Yamaha scooter in India, Rs 2500 more than the Alpha, and around Rs 5000 more than the Ray. We feel it is slightly on the expensive side, considering that, apart from the stylish design, it is virtually the same as the Alpha. Nevertheless, it is quite a competent scooter, and the neo-retro looks definitely make it stand out in a sea of bland scooter designs. If you are looking for a fashionable new 110cc scooter under Rs 65,000, then the Fascino is one scooter you should take a closer look at.

Yamaha Fascino  - Final Word

Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Power 7bhp @ 7500 rpm
Torque 8.1 N.M @5000 rpm
Chassis Type Underbone
Brakes Front:Drum Brake
Rear:Drum Brake
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Rear:Unit Swing
Kerb Weight 103
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.2
Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Design
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Ride comfort
  • Nothing to set it apart from all other scooters out there
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Jaichandran Jayapalan