Bajaj Avenger Street 150 – Review


The cruisers have quite a fan following in India. Unfortunately, in the past years, if you were in the market for a cruiser for less than Rs 1.5 lakhs, your options were very limited. You'd have had to choose between the Bajaj Avenger 220, or any one of the Royal Enfields.

Now, Bajaj has pulled a rabbit out of the hat by introducing the all-new Avenger Street 150, the first cruiser to be launched in the sub-160cc space in a very long time. So, what is it like? Here's our lowdown!

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Intro


Styling & Build Quality

There is no denying that the Avenger Street 150 is a really stylish motorcycle. The bike is currently available in just one colour, but this brilliant shade of dark blue, the blacked-out bits and the low-stance all combine to give it the purposeful appearance of a larger-capacity motorcycle. It looks very attractive, and grabs quite a bit of attention from passers-by.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Styling

Build quality is quite good on the Street 150. We really liked the quality of paintwork and matte-finished parts, both of which which help the cruiser exude an air of sophistication.



While the ergonomics offered by the Street 150 are quintessentially cruiser-like, with a low seat and forward set foot-pegs, it has been tweaked to suited city riding more than touring. The handlebar employed is flat and placed low, which helps in executing quick direction changes. Overall, we found the rider's saddle to be a comfortable place to sit on. Pillion comfort is good, although we think the rear seat could have been a smidgen larger.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Ergonomics



The Avenger Street 150 is powered by an air-cooled 150cc single cylinder engine that produces 14.3 bhp and 12.5 Nm torque. It might not seem like much, but then again, we found it to be more than adequate for city riding and occasional highway use. The motor is a short stroke unit, unlike any true-blue cruiser, but that's always been the Avenger's signature. While its frantic nature nature means that it can't do relaxed cruising, it is perfectly suited for its positioning as a urban brawler rather than as a long-distance cruiser. It is quite smooth too, this engine. Its rev-happy nature make the Avenger Street 150 a fun-to-ride bike.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Performance


Handling and Ride Quality

Don't let the long-wheelbase and low-slung set up fool you, for this is a surprisingly nimble little cruiser. Its low kerb weight of 140 kg, coupled with a low centre of mass helps riders to shift its heft with ease. It isn't as agile as say, your regular 150cc bikes, so you'll have to choose your gaps wisely. It corners fairly well too, with the long-wheelbase aiding in stability.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Handling

Although the suspension set up is slightly on the firmer side, it felt quite compliant, soaking up bumps and pot holes commendably.



The Street 150 employs a 240mm disc up front and a 130mm drum at the rear. This set up is quite effective for use at city speeds, say, up to 75 kmph. A rear disc would have made it a whole lot better, but Bajaj doesn't offer one, not even as an optional extra.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Braking



It is a simple motorcycle, the Street 150; it doesn’t offer much in terms of features. All you get is an analogue speedometer with a digital odometer, with an analogue fuel gauge on the tank. Who needs creature comforts anyway, when you’ve got so much street-cred at your disposal.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Features


Final Word

So there you have it – India’s first 150cc cruiser is a very nice motorcycle, and we just love it. It does have its cons – it is available in only one colour, it lacks on the features front, pillion comfort isn’t as good as it is for the rider, and the brakes could be better. All of that aside, the Avenger Street 150 is a handsome bike to behold, one that’d guarantee second glances, it is adequately powerful, quite fuel-efficient, and it is reasonably agile for a cruiser. Furthermore, there is the price; at Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Street 150 poses fantastic value for money. For all those who want a stylish cruiser on a budget, this maybe your only option, but it is quite a good one.

2016 Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Review - Final Word

Engine 4-stroke, single cylinder, DTS-i, air cooled with oil-cooler
Power 14 bhp @ 9000 rpm
Torque 12.5 nm @ 6500 rpm
Chassis Type Tubular double cradle type
Brakes Front:Disc, Dia. 240 mm
Rear:Drum, Dia. 130 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Rear:Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Kerb Weight 148
Fuel Tank Capacity 14
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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