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Bajaj maybe the market leader in the performance bike space in India, but they sorely lack a strong contender in the segment that matters the most – the 100cc commuters. While the Discover 100 and the Platina have been strong products in their own right, they have been no match to the likes of the Hero Splendor. In an attempt to resuscitate the sales charts, the company has revived a commuter bike brand that was discontinued a few years ago. Enter the new CT 100, Bajaj’s most affordable bike till date. We swing a leg over this tiny city bike to see what it’s got.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Intro

Styling & Build Quality

Well, as long you keep your expectations low, you’ll be happy with the way the CT 100 looks. Bajaj has played it safe with the bike’s design. The boxy lines and headlight cowl may be as clichéd as it can get, but at least they lend the bike a neutral, inoffensive look. Then again, this is a workhorse, not a poser, and the styling should be the last thing on your mind if you are considering buying one.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Styling

Despite its low price tag, Bajaj has managed to keep the quality of build relatively high, compared to its rivals. We weren’t pleased with the switchgear, but hey, at this price point, we’re just nitpicking.


The CT 100 offers riders a typical commuter riding posture, which is good enough for extended periods of riding. Pillion comfort is not too bad either. The seat, although long, is quite slim, and so it won’t be really comfortable for generously-sized riders.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Ergonomics


The tiny 100cc mill that powers the CT 100 is a delight to use. Once you get acquainted with shifting through the weird all-down 4-speed gearbox, you’ll start to enjoy riding the bike. The 8 bhp and 8 Nm on tap, combined with the low kerb weight allow the bike to accelerate energetically. The engine is at its smoothest best when ridden at speeds under 50 kmph. Even in top gear, the bike manages to accelerate briskly without much effort. While we managed to reach a speedo-indicated 80 kmph on the CT 100, it felt very stressed at that speed.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Performance

As far as the mileage goes, it would suffice to say that the CT 100 is a miser when it comes to consuming fuel. The official ARAI-tested mileage figure stands at 89.5 kmpl, although in the real world, one can expect at least 70 kmpl, which is a very impressive figure.


The CT 100’s compact dimensions allow it swerve through even the tightest of gaps with ease. Compared to its rivals, it is definitely much more nimble. Stability around corners is just about fine at low speeds.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Dynamics

The ride quality offered by the telescopic forks up front and the twin Spring-in-Spring (SnS) shock absorbers at the rear is good. At low speeds it soaks up undulations quite well, but it lets some filter through as you go faster.


The bike comes with 110mm drum brakes on both wheels. While the setup feels adequate for use at city speeds, we wish Bajaj equipped it with a larger drum up front. Then again, the tires used aren’t the grippiest around, and the wheels tend to lock up when braking on a wet road, or when panic braking. The solution: don’t go too fast on one of these.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Braking


The CT 100 is a bare-bones commuter bike, and the only feature on offer is the optional alloy wheels. There isn’t even a fuel-gauge on the bike.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Features

Final Word

The Bajaj CT 100 is a utilitarian motorcycle that’ll allow you to commute effortlessly. While it is built to a price, it is a smooth performer, one that offers a decent turn of speed, and is quite agile. The bike we tested was the top-of-the-line model fitted with alloy wheels, which is priced at Rs 38,034 (ex-showroom, Delhi). There is also a spoke-wheel model, which is priced even lower, at Rs 35,034 (ex-showroom, Delhi). For this price, we must say, the CT 100 is exceptional value for money, for you get a good, reliable and robust commuter that’ll get you from A to B without breaking a sweat.

2016 Bajaj CT 100 Review - Final Word

Engine 4 Stroke ,Single Cylinder,Natural air Cooled
Power 8.1bhp @ 7500rpm
Torque 8.05 Nm @ 4500 RPM
Chassis Type
Brakes Front:110 mm Drum
Rear:110 mm Drum
Suspension Front:Hydraulic, Telescopic Type
Rear:Trailing arm with co- axial hydraulic shock absorber and coil springs. SNS
Kerb Weight 108
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.5
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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