Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Review


125cc bikes are very much in vogue in India, as they offer more comfort and performance than a 100cc bike, without much impact on fuel efficiency. We’ve got for the first time on our channel, two of the most popular 125cc motorcycles in the country, the Honda CB Shine and the Hero Glamour. We test them thoroughly to find out which one is better.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Intro


Design & Build Quality

The CB Shine carries an elegantly-styled body that seems subtle and inoffensive. The graphics on the tank meld well with the design, and add a touch of life to the otherwise dull palette. Build quality is solid on the Shine. The panels seemed to fit well, and the matte-finish on the engine and wheels look and feel upmarket. We felt that the switchgear could have been given a better finish.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Styling 1

The Glamour on the other hand, looks smart and striking. The dual-tone colour schemes and well-integrated graphics give it a lively appearance. Build quality isn’t up to the mark though. While the bike feels sturdy, the fit of the panels didn’t feel great.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Styling 2



In terms of ergonomics, both the CB Shine and the Hero Glamour offer the typical commuter riding posture, seating the rider upright, with the foot pegs set in the middle. You don’t need to extend to reach the controls; your arms and feet fall into place naturally. This makes commuting on the either motorcycle a comfortable affair.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Ergonomics 1

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Ergonomics 2


Engine & Performance

The engine department is where both bikes excel. While the 125cc mills of the CB Shine and Glamour are mechanically-different, they are smooth performers. They feel extremely refined, and give out very little in the way of vibrations. Both bikes produce quite a bit of torque at low revs, so acceleration is brisk even in the higher gears. The differences start to show once you wring the throttle open to the max, when the more powerful and lighter CB Shine pulls ahead of the Glamour. While the Glamour maintains its smoothness at high revs, the Shine starts to sound and feel strained. The Glamour’s transmission also feels much better to use, shifting smoothly through the gears, while the Shine’s feels hard and clunky at times.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Performance

During our testing, which involves riding in a variety of conditions, both the bikes delivered an average mileage of around 55 – 60kmpl, which is a reasonable figure for bikes in this category.


Handling & Ride Quality

Riding the CB Shine in traffic is a breeze. Its low-weight combined with a good chassis and suspension setup makes maneuvering through gaps effortless. It feels very stable even when cornering at speed. The Glamour too feels agile, but it isn’t as eager to turn in as the CB Shine.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Handling 1

Ride quality is pretty good on both bikes. There is a slight bit of harshness on them, but that’s only when you ride over some very bad roads at speed. It feels quite useable under normal riding conditions

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Handling 2



The Glamour and the CB Shine featured here are the top-of-the-line variants, equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum at the rear. We found the brakes on both bikes to be very efficient, decelerating very effectively even from 60 kmph. Brake feel is good too, being progressive and reassuring, rather than sudden and sharp. In our braking tests, the Shine came out on top, braking from 40kmph in under 8.65 m, while the Glamour did the same in 11 m. While the former stopped without much drama, the latter locked its wheels under braking.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Braking 1

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Braking 2



Both the CB Shine and Glamour come fitted with the exact same switch gear, something that Hero carried over from their split with Honda. The Shine also gets alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, a maintenance-free battery, and a maintenance-free air filter, all as standard fitment. The Glamour comes standard with alloy wheels and a neat digital-analogue combo instrument cluster.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Features 1

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Features 2



The Honda CB Shine and the Hero Glamour are priced at par with each other, at Rs 57,178 and Rs 57,925 (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively.


Final Word

Phew! It has been very close, this contest. The Hero Glamour and the Honda CB Shine are evenly matched across all aspects, so it is difficult to pick a winner between the two. If you are looking for a simplistic and elegant commuter, we suggest you pick the Honda CB Shine, whereas if you want a bike that looks good and is extremely smooth to ride, even though it lacks on the performance front, go for the Glamour.

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Final Word 1

Honda CB Shine Vs Hero Glamour - Final Word 2

Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 10.12 bhp @ 7500rpm
Torque 10.54 Nm @ 5500rpm
Chassis Type Advanced Design Diamond Frame
Brakes Front:Disc Dia 240 mm
Rear:Drum, Dia 130 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic Fork
Rear:3-step Hydraulic Spring Loaded type
Kerb Weight 120
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.5
Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Good Brakes
  • Nimble Handling
  • Slightly Harsh Ride Quality
  • Should have come with a 5-speed gear box
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Jaichandran Jayapalan