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The CBR 150R is Honda’s entry-level fully-faired sports bike. On paper, it seems like a promising prospect, but does this translate into performance on the road? We at find out!


Honda CBR 150R




It may carry the CBR name, but the bike’s styling is actually derived from the VFR 1200F superbike. The design can be termed polarising at best – some like it, some don’t - but there is no denying the fact that it is quite an eye-catcher.


Honda CBR150R Design


Build Quality


Like all Honda bikes, the CBR 150R is built quite well, with good fit and finish levels. One sore point though, is the low quality of the switchgear plastic, which looks out of place on a bike that costs more than a lakh.




The Honda CBR 150R has the most comfortable ergonomics of all performance bikes we’ve ridden so far. While the bike seats its rider in a forward bent posture, the saddle is quite spacious, so even our 6’2” test rider was able to sit without any problems. Pillion comfort is quite good too.


Honda CBR 150R Dimensions




The CBR 150R’s liquid-cooled & Fuel-injected 150cc engine produces 17.58 bhp at a high 10,500 rpm. Power delivery is linear, but if you want to ride fast, you will have to rev it quite a bit. Low-end torque is adequate for intra-city commuting.


CBR 150R Performance


Handling & Ride Quality


The CBR is a fun bike to ride. It is quite nimble, so direction changes can be dealt with very quickly. Cornering stability is quite good, although if the surface is bumpy, it tends to wallow a bit, because of the soft suspension.


Ride quality is one of this Honda’s strongest points. The telescopic forks at front and the rear monoshock absorb road imperfections very well, translating into a smooth ride.





The CBR is fitted with a set of powerful disc brakes on both wheels. Coupled with the grippy TVS tyres, they help the bike decelerate without much trouble. In our braking test, the CBR 150R came to a complete halt from 60 kmph in just 9.72metres.


Honda CBR 150R Braking




The CBR 150R’s instrument console features an analogue tachometer coupled with a digital display that includes the speedometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, and  a handy clock. Surprisingly, the CBR doesn’t come equipped with a pass light switch and an engine kill switch, features that are now common place on most bikes.


Honda CBR 150R Speedometer




At Rs 1,20,000 (ex-showroom) the CBR 150R isn’t exactly what you’d call cheap, but you do get a bike that is well-built and fun-to-ride.




The Honda CBR 150R is a bike that combines both sportiness and practicality. Unlike most other products in this segment, the baby-CBR doesn’t have a single defining characteristic, but when you add up the sum of its parts, you get a motorcycle that is a hoot to ride wherever you want to, be it the track, on the open roads, or even your mundane trip to the grocery store!.




Special thanks to Didar Honda, Chennai, who provided us the Honda CBR 150R for the review


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Engine DOHC Liquid Cooled
Power 17.58 bhp @ 10500 rpm
Torque 12.66 Nm @ 8500 rpm
Chassis Type Diamond-Perimeter frame
Brakes Front:Disc, Dia 276 mm
Rear:Disc, Dia 220 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Kerb Weight 138
Fuel Tank Capacity 13
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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  • Handling
  • Ride comfort
  • Nothing notable
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