Honda Dream Neo - ChooseMyBike Road Test Review


By Aditya Ravishankar


Honda set out to make a motorcycle for the masses, with the magic mantra - a low-cost no-frills machine that scores high on mileage and reliability. So, did Honda get the mantra right with the Dream Neo? Read on and find out.




Every component of the Dream Neo has been engineered to keep it going on and on. If you are a functionalist, then this is a bike you that will have a love affair with. There are no unnecessary, fashionable items, but whatever items are on the bike, are designed in a fashionable way. 





The beautifully designed tank gives you brilliant thigh support and the overall seating position is comfortable. Though the seat is a bit on the hard side, it isn’t too much of a problem for the regular commute, but on the occasional long haul, a few extra stops may be required. 



Build Quality


Keep it clean and lubricated, and the Dream Neo will seem to last forever.  Every component, from the switchgear to the footpegs, is well finished and smooth to touch. 


Drivetrain & Performance


The 110cc mill designed and fine-tuned over many years at Honda has nothing to complain about. It's smooth and has a balanced power delivery through the rev range. Performance in terms of speed is nothing to brag about, but in terms of efficiency, it is up there with the best in the market. Plus, the wide power band of the engine means that you don't feel that you have run out of steam. It also handles the occasional high speed overtake reasonably well for an engine of this size.  



The only complaint we have with this engine is the slightly wide-spaced gear ratios that might make hauling heavy loads a bit of a struggle. Then again, this gearbox is what helps the bike achieve a real-world mileage of almost 67kmpl. 


Handling & Ride Quality


Strong, light and reliable - these are what make the Dream Neo perfect for intra-city commutes, and help  and outshines most if the competition out there. It appears Honda has kept a keen eye for safety on this bike. This kind of contradicts its usage. Allow us to explain: the motorcycle is capable of a neat 90kmph. And Honda has worked to keep damping comfortable and safe on the highest speeds the bike can attain. But what this also does is make the low-speed ride harsh on sharper bumps. This is nothing to worry about if your usually riding pillion or carrying loads, because the suspension absorbs bumps quiet well with loads on. 





The initial bite of both the front and the rear brakes are brilliant. Beyond that they feel very spongy to have any effect. The rear brake though is quite sharp, and tends to lock the rear wheel very easily. That said, they are perfect to bring you to a stop in emergencies as long as your around 40kmph. And in terms of wear, you won't have to worry for a long time before changing the brake shoes. 





In this congested and cut-throat market, the Dream Neo has all the right ingredients to directly take on the market leaders. The bike makes perfect sense for commuting, and the chassis and suspension will have you covered for those days you are late to work.


Special thanks to Didar Honda, Chennai, who provided us the Honda Dream Neo for the review


Disclaimer: This review is purely based on the test conducted by "". All views expressed in this review are that of's, and not of the manufacturer's. 


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Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 8.25 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Torque 8.63Nm @ 5500 rpm
Chassis Type Diamond type
Brakes Front:Drum, dia. 130 mm
Rear:Drum, dia. 130 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic Fork
Rear:Twin 5-step adjustable shock absorbers
Kerb Weight 105
Fuel Tank Capacity 8
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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