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Honda Navi

Honda created a lot of buzz after unveiling the Navi during the 2016 Auto Expo. After the event, a lot of people were curious about this unique offering from Honda. Is it a scooter? Or is it a Motorcycle? Honda has positioned the Navi as a Moto Scooter-a product that is capable of offering the best of both worlds. We took the Navi for a spin to see what if it has what it takes to survive in this hyper competitive segment.

Styling & Build Quality

Honda Navi

Calling the Navi’s design unconventional might be the understatement of the year. During our test ride, there were many who were curious about this funky scooter in a positive way. Alas, there were several others with a different opinion on the matter.  Some found the looks funny, whereas others found it downright ugly. We, on the other like the Navi’s funky looks. The scooter is targeted at the youth who are looking for a different kind of scooter. The Navi has a sporty stance to it.

Honda Navi

The highlight of the Navi is that it is highly customizable to suit your taste.  Upon first glance, the Navi looks slightly smaller than what the initial pictures led us to believe. If you don’t opt for the optional luggage box, your Navi will have a large gap underneath the fuel tank. The handlebars look a bit plain but the square headlamps look good. The Navi’s build quality is decent, considering its price. In the end, the Navi’s looks comes down to your own opinion.


Honda Navi

The Honda Navi offers a tall and upright seating position. The seat is thin but comfortable enough and the handle bar is each to reach. There is enough space for the pillion. The switches are functional and are located conveniently. Once seater, you get a sportier stance that is much different from what you get in other conventional scooters.


Honda Navi

The Honda Navi shares its engine with the Honda Activa 3G. The Navi is powered by the same 110cc, single cylinder engine that churns out a peak power of 8 bhp and peak toque of 8.96 Nm. This engine is mated to a CVT automatic gearbox. While the Navi and the Activa share the same engine, the Navi feels punchier because of the fact that it is 7 kgs lighter than the Activa. The punchy nature of the engine makes city riding a breeze. The Navi reaches 60 kmph with ease. However, after this speed, the engine starts to run out of steam. The engine is not the most refined amongst scooters in this class. Mild vibrations can be felt at high speeds.


Honda Navi

The Navi’s compact dimensions make it an agile scooter. It is easy to hustle the scooter through heavy traffic with ease. It handles well too, feeling surefooted while cornering.  The Honda Navi’s suspension system soaks up most of the road bumps well.  However, some of the larger speed bumps can be felt. The Navi is very light, which makes riding it a fun activity. The provision of foot pegs trick you into trying to shift gears.


Honda Navi

The Honda Navi comes with 130mm drum brakes at the front and rear as standard. There are no disc brakes on offer on any of the variants at the moment. We felt that the brakes were adequate for low speeds but were not good enough for high speed stops. Addition of CBS (Combi Brake System) would have helped improve braking efficiency.   


Honda Navi

The Navi is heavily customizable and Honda is rolling out plenty of accessories for this funky scooter. The instrument cluster is very plain and boring to look at. It only gets a Speedometer and Odometer and no Tripmeter. There is no fuel level indicator, pass light and kill switch. In this day and age, these are essential equipment which has to be present in all two wheelers. You do get an external fuel filling port though due its motorcycle-like design.

Final Word

The 2016 Honda Navi is priced at Rs. 42,432 (Ex-showroom Delhi). Ever since Honda unveiled the Navi during the Delhi Auto Expo, there has been tremendous amount of interest in this Moto-Scooter. After testing it for a considerable period of time, we can safely say that the Navi is a fun scooter that offers the best of both worlds-the CVT of a scooter and the dynamics of a motorcycle. While there is considerable scope for improvement, the Navi’s dynamics and uniqueness is sure to woo a lot of customers.

Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 7.8 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque 8.96 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Chassis Type
Brakes Front:130 mm dia Drum
Rear:130 mm dia Drum
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Rear:Unit Swing, Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper
Kerb Weight 101
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.8
Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • Performance (Pick-up)
  • Handling
  • Price
  • Features
  • Design not to everyone's taste
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