Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Road Test Review


The Royal Enfield line up consists of a varied range of bikes intended to cater to an equally varied audience. There is the evergreen Bullet, the ultra-cool Thunderbird, and even the stunning new Continental GT cafe racer, but the Classic 350 remains the best-selling of the lot. We find out what makes this bike a Classic-hit, here on!




Being a retro-themed bike, the Classic 350 is replete with design cues inspired by Royal Enfields of yesteryear, like the speedometer, twin 'Tiger Eye' pilot lamps, sprung solo rider saddle, and the oval airbox cover. Even in the presence of bikes that have far more modern and contemporary styling, the Classic holds out its own.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Design


Build Quality


While the quality of materials used in the Classic 350's construction is great, the fit and finish isn't. Our test ride bike was hardly 5000 kms old, yet the headlamp had come loose, and there were a few rattles as well.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Build Quality




The Classic 350 seats its rider in a very comfortable posture. The seat is set low, making it accessible for riders of all sizes. The optional pillion seat is a tad small, but does the job commendably.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Ergonomics with Pillion




The 350cc single cylinder engine produces enough power and torque to keep you entertained when riding in the city, but on the highway, it feels strained. The Classic 350 is happiest cruising at 80kmph. During testing, we acheived a speedo-indicated top speed of 110kmph, but at that point vibrations were quite harsh, making it impractical to hold that speed for long.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Performance


Handling & Ride Quality


The Classic 350's low centre of gravity makes it easy to hustle around in traffic. Straight line stability is really good, and it corners quite eagerly for a cruiser too. Ride quality is good at low speeds, although it gets jittery when tackling bad roads at a higher pace.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Handling & Ride Quality




Given the weight of the bike and the speed it is capable of, the braking efficiency of the disc brake at the front and the drum brake at the rear the Classic 350 came across to us as insufficient. A shift to grippier tires could improve things a bit.





The Classic 350 may be a premium bike, but it hardly gets any features. Electric start, a front disc brake, and a useful pass light switch are all that one can find on it.





At around Rs 1,40,000 on-road, the Classic 350 is an expensive bike. What you pay for is the entry into a hallowed brand with a history and heritage unlike any other.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price




The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a bike that makes a strong statement. It looks majestic, is sufficiently powerful to deal with most riding situations, and is practical for everyday use. If you want a different kind of bike for your daily commute and an occasional long ride, the Classic 350 is a bike that you should take a look at.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Action Shot


Special thanks to Classic Motorcycles, Chennai, who provided us the Royal Enfield Classic 350 for the review


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Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Torque 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Chassis Type Single downtube, using engine as stressed member
Brakes Front:Disc, dia 280 mm 2-Piston caliper
Rear:Drum, dia 153 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic, 35mm forks, 130mm travel
Rear:Twin gas charged shock absorbers with 5-step adjus
Kerb Weight 187
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.5
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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