TVS Apache RTR 160 - Review


Amongst all the sub-160cc bikes in India, the TVS Apache RTR 160 has always been the most performance-oriented of the lot. It has been on sale for nearly 8 years now in almost the same form, save for a major cosmetic redesign in 2012. Regardless, sales are still pretty strong, which is why TVS has refrained from phasing it out. So, compared to bikes of this day and age, does the Apache RTR 160 have what it takes to stand out? We take a closer look!  


Design & Build Quality

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Design

Styling has always been one of Apache’s pros. It has an aggressive, athletic appearance to it, which is very appealing. The superb matt grey paint on our test bike, and the LED pilot lights up front add a bit of sophistication and drama to its aesthetics

Build quality on the RTR 160 is great. The level of fit and finish is high, and the materials employed throughout seemed to be of good quality.



TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Ergonomics

The Apache RTR 160 comes with clip-on handlebars and rear-set foot pegs, which allow for a canted forward riding posture. This posture not only looks sporty, but is actually quite usable. Only when riding for long durations will you feel that it puts a bit of pressure on your wrists.



TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Performance

For a sub-160cc bike, the RTR 160 sure is fleet-footed. The 159cc air-cooled engine is not a refined unit by any means, but makes loads of torque throughout the rev range. The upshot is a bike that feels eager to zip forward every time you twist the throttle. This spirited nature of the engine makes the RTR 160 a fun bike to ride.



TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Handling

Dynamically, the Apache is a well-sorted bike. Thanks to its short wheelbase and low kerb weight, it is extremely nimble, turning into and out of gaps with ease. The firm suspension and stiff chassis also allows riders to take corners at speed effortlessly. It is this characteristic that endears the Apache RTR 160 to numerous riding enthusiasts across India.


Ride Quality

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Ride Quality

The bike’s suspension set-up strikes a good balance between handling and ride quality. The conventional front forks and gas-charged twin rear shocks absorb most surface imperfections with ease, yet they are firm enough to prevent any unsavoury movements when cornering.



TVS Apache RTR 160 Review – Braking

The Apache RTR 160 comes fitted with petal disc brakes on both wheels, which help the bike decelerate promptly without any hesitation. In our braking test, it came to a halt from 40 kmph in 9.27 m, which is at par with its closest rivals.



TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Features

The instrument console on the RTR 160 holds a number of interesting features, such as an acceleration timer, and a top speed recorder. Also included are LED pilot lights and LED brake lights.


Final Word

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review - Verdict

Overall, the Apache RTR 160 is a great package. It looks striking, is appreciably fast, and handles really well. We think that it is worth the Rs 72,344 (ex-showroom, Delhi) price tag.

If you are looking for a performance-oriented bike in the sub-Rs 85,000 price bracket that can be ridden every day, the Apache RTR 160 is an option that you should seriously consider.

Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 15.2 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Torque 13.1 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Chassis Type Double cradle frame
Brakes Front:Petal disc, dia. 270 mm
Rear:Drum, dia 130 mm
Suspension Front:Telescopic forks, 105mm stroke
Rear:Monotube inverted gas filled shox (MIG) with sprin
Kerb Weight 136
Fuel Tank Capacity 16
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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  • Vibrations at high speed
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