TVS Scooty Streak – Road Test Review


We’re in 2014, a year where it is common sight to witness brash 125cc and speedy 110cc scooters whirring on roads. A decade earlier, it had been little 2-stroke scooterettes trotting around on streets raucously, albeit at a snail’s pace. The Scooty ES was one of them, and was the best amongst the lot. It was the darling of countless teenage girls and young women all across the country, who loved it for its ease of use and practicality.


The Scooty range of scooters were introduced way back in 1994, a period when scooters weren’t as popular as motorcycles, but TVS’ headstrong and risky approach in the scooterette segment has borne fruit since then. Their success in the scooter segment with the TVS Scooty models has helped them establish a strong base of brand loyalty amongst their fans and enthusiasts. The advent of the Scooty Pep+ and its commendable success has given the company the courage to offer more scooter models in a hope to capture market shares in an ever-rising demand for two wheelers in the country. We, at ChooseMyBike now assess one of TVS’ notable Scooty models, the Scooty Streak from close quarters.





The Scooty Streak is based largely on the Scooty Pep+, albeit with a few alterations to give it a unique look. While the outline remains the same, the Streak’s styling incorporates sharp flowing creases instead of curves. A much sharper front panel extends all the way to its small front wheel. On the front the indicator lights feature on the extreme ends, while at the rear, you will find the LED lit backlight and an all-black pillion grab rail apart, which it isn’t all that impressive in terms of quality. Overall, the design of the Streak is a step above the Pep +, and should appeal to women very well.





Like the other Scootys, seating space and comfort is limited, but acceptable. One can notice that it isn’t meant to be ridden for extended durations. Pillion riding can be a bit stifling due to the lack of space, but the footpegs have been positioned amicably. The rear view mirrors could have been made a bit bigger and wider for better rear-side visibility. An increase in floorboard area would also do some good.



Engine and Performance


The Scooty Streak is powered by the LiTech engine from TVS - an 87.8cc single-cylinder air-cooled unit. It feels refined and smooth in its performance, and is best suited for commuting. The LiTech technology helps delivers superb mileage while keeping the scooter on its toes at the same time. Peak power and torque figures stand at 5 bhp and 5.8 Nm respectively. Those might not seem like much, but they are most certainly sufficient for ambling around in city traffic. Like most other scooters, the belt and pulley CVT transmission does a decent job.



Fuel Economy


While TVS has claimed that the featherweight scooter will deliver up to 68 kmpl, we believe that the Streak will deliver around 50-55 kmpl in the real world, which is quite good for an automatic scooter.The petrol tank has a capacity of 4.7 litres which again should provide a sufficient range for most.


Ride Quality, Vehicle Dynamics and Braking


Like we had mentioned earlier, the semblance of the Streak is very much akin to the Scooty Pep and the ride quality and dynamics was also found to be strikingly similar. The lightweight design of the scooter and its adept engine work extremely well in combination to offer a fun filled and enjoyable riding experience. If that wasn’t all, the front telescopic suspension and the rear monoshock do a good job in negating the effects of those annoying street bumps and pot holes. The 96 kg scooter is one amongst the lightest two-wheelers in the industry and maneuverability and steering response was found to be seamless. Its low curb weight also makes riding hassle-free.



The Scooty Streak is perched on small 90/90 wheels on either ends with a 110 drum brakes to bring you to a halt with a slight tug on the brake levers. Although the tiny scooter may bring about doubts with regard to stability during corners or sharp turns, we found it quite capable of holding its own when handled properly.







TVS have always been generous with their features and their products offer you practicality and a sense of comfort while riding. The Streak boasts of an external fuel fill cap, underseat storage with a volume of 14 litres and a mobile charging socket in the front dashboard. The Streak is available in the following colours – Pink/Black, Purple/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black and Orange/Black.






Priced at Rs. 43,905 (ex-showroom Delhi), the lightweight Scooty Streak makes for a great performer in the city, but it ends there. The low engine capacity may not make it suitable for long distance rides but otherwise, there is little reason not to buy this scooter especiallyif you’re in dire need of a stylish little two-wheeler for your daily commute.


Special thanks to Ramkay TVS, Adyar, Chennai, for providing us with a TVS Scooty Streak for the review


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Engine Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder
Power 5 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 5.8 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Chassis Type Underbone type
Brakes Front:110 mm Drum
Rear:110 mm drum
Suspension Front:Telescopic
Kerb Weight 96
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.7
Ex-Showroom Delhi
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