KTM Recalls Duke 390 In India!


2014 KTM Duke 390


Do you own a KTM Duke 390? If so, you might need to pop into the nearest KTM service centre ASAP. The company has issued a recall for Duke 390s that have been manufactured before March 2014. The issue, according to the company, lies with a faulty front sprocket locking plate. It has been found out that this plate could lead the sprocket to misalign in the course of time, and could potentially cause the drive chain to come off the sprocket.


Thankfully, no incidences have been reported to be caused by this issue. You can get it rectified for no cost at your nearest KTM service centre. Owners of Duke 390s manufactured post March 2014 need not worry, as KTM has already resolved the issue on them.



Decoding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for bikes:


If you are wondering how to find out the Month of Manufacture for your KTM Duke 390, you can do so by decoding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is stamped on the frame, on the left side of the steering head for KTM Duke 390. The 8th digit is the month, and the 10th digit is the year.


Codes for Month and Year of Manufacture:

Month Of Manufacture

(8th Digit)

Year Of Manufacture

(10th Digit)

January – K

2012 – C

February – L

2013 – D

March – M

2014 – E

April – A

2015 – F

May – B

2016 – G

June – C

2017 – H

July – D

2018 – J

August – E

2019 – K

September – F

2020 – L

October – G

2021 – M

November – H

2022 – N

December - J

2023 – O


For Example – VBKJGK4A1DC200001

The 8th Digit is A, which denotes the month of April, and the 10th Digit is D, which means the year is 2013.


VIN Decoding Chart Source: xBHP.com

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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