EICMA 2014 - Honda RC213V-S Prototype First Look



Normally, we hear of technology developed for racing bikes finding their way onto road bikes, but have you ever imagined what would happen if a race bike, a MotoGP machine no less, was fitted with headlights, mirrors, and a license plate holder?


You get this, the RC213V-S, a road-going version of Honda’s factory RC213V MotoGP racer. Yes, it is an actual race bike, masquerading as a sportsbike that you can ride on public roads. Although Honda claims that the bike displayed at the 2014 EICMA Motorcycle Expo is a just a prototype and hasn’t revealed any specifications, rumours are rife that this is indeed what the final production version will be like.


2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Front


The RC213V-S (boy, that’s a mouthful) looks exactly like the bike that Marc Marquez scored his two MotoGP titles on, except that it comes with the aforementioned road-bike addendum. It gets the same 1000cc V4 engine, which is speculated to output well over 240 bhp in race trim. In this version however, we expect a slightly lower figure, though it would still be in excess of 200 bhp.


Mated to the V4 is an aluminium-alloy twin-spar frame, while the rest of the chassis is smattered with race-spec goodies, like the gas-charged Ohlins front forks and the Brembo disc brakes. The bike should also get an array of electronic rider aids to help put that power down. The RC213V-S is clothed entirely in carbon-fibre, helping it weigh in at less than 170 kgs wet. Combined with the stratospheric power figure, it should help the bike accelerate, no, rocket towards inane speeds in a heartbeat.


2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Side Profile


The Honda RC213V-S isn’t the first one of its kind – that honour rests with the Ducati Desmosedici RR (read about that here), which was based on Ducati’s factory MotoGP racer, the Desmosedici GP06. The production version is expected to be unveiled in the coming months, where the final technical specifications will be revealed, along with the asking price, which we think would breach the $100,000 barrier. If you’ve got that much spare change, we suggest you contact Honda immediately, as bikes like this one tend to be snapped up in a jiffy, even before they are officially put up for sale!


2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Rear

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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