EICMA 2014 - Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Look


Kawasaki’s new flagship, the Ninja H2, is a superbike that’s been designed with a single-minded focus on high-speed performance, aiming to offer the rider an experience unlike any other superbike. The Ninja H2 showcases the expertise of the various divisions in the vast Kawasaki Heavy Industries group, who’ve had a hand in designing key aspects of the motorcycle.


2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Front


There is no doubt that the Ninja H2 is one bonkers-looking motorcycle. It has been styled aerodynamically with a focus on top speed and downforce, which has resulted in an extreme design. Some panels have a pure silver coating, which gives it a unique mirror-finish. Coupled with a multitude of winglets and vents on the fairing, they make the Ninja H2 looks like a superbike from outer space.


Chief amongst the innovations abound the H2 is the supercharged 998cc in-line four-cylinder engine. Ballistic performance is guaranteed, as the engine outputs 208 bhp and 133 Nm of torque, which should be sufficient to accelerate the rider to warp speed in the blink of an eye.


2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Side Profile


Being a flagship product means that the H2 gets top-drawer parts, including an all-new lightweight trellis frame, a single-sided swingarm, high-performance race-spec suspension components from KYB, and Brembo disc brakes with Monobloc calipers, and forged aluminium wheels. The superbike will also come loaded with the latest-generation of gizmos like traction control, launch control, engine braking control, intelligent ABS, quick-shifter, all to keep the bike and rider pointing the right side up and to ensure all the horses are utilised to the fullest.


2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Rear


Kawasaki hasn’t revealed the pricing of the H2 yet, but it is quite certain that all this technology and innovation isn’t going to come cheap – we reckon it’ll cost the euro-equivalent of around Rs 20 lakhs, before import taxes that is. Will it come to India? That seems highly unlikely, but we are quite sure a few will land on our shores, regardless of an official launch.

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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