2016 KTM RC390-First Look


Austrian motorcycle giant KTM has enjoyed considerable success in the Indian two-wheeler market mainly due to aggressive pricing and proper marketing towards target audience. All the bikes sold by KTM offer outstanding value for money. Their bikes are equipped with superior technology like fuel injection, Liquid cooling, ABS (only on the Duke 390 and RC390)-features which were never before seen in the lower end of the performance segment. In a way, the company has influenced other manufacturers to offer the above mentioned features in their own bikes.

2016 rc3902

Notable Changes

The slipper clutch is a safety feature which attempts to minimize the occurrence of an accident during aggressive downshifts while taking corners. A more detailed feature on the working of a slipper clutch can be found here.     

Now, KTM has silently launched the 2016 RC 390 in India. We were a bit disappointed as we were all expecting significant upgrades in the 2016 model. However, KTM has only added a slipper clutch to the RC 390 and has left out the ride-by-wire and the canister exhaust, both of which will probably be available in the variant for international markets. Another notable change is the removal of headlamp off switch due to which the headlights will always be on the bike. This is meant to be a safety feature expecially while riding on highways.

The RC390 was a capable bike even before these features were announced. We found this out during our detailed review. Now, with the addition of these new features, the appeal of the bike is expected to surge.


The low capacity end of the performance segment is receiving international attention during recent times. Every major manufacturer including Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha are showing lot of interest in this segment. We feel that KTM should have added a bit more equipment to the Indian version of the 2016 KTM RC 390 in order to stay competitive. A plus point is that the company will  offer the 2016 variant at the same price. The RC 390 is priced at Rs. 2,37,373 (On-road Delhi). Stay tuned for our review.

Check out our review of the 2015 RC390 below.


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