Royal Enfield Himayalan will be launched on 16th March


Royal Enfield has confirmed that the much hyped Himalayan will be officially launched on 16th March in Mumbai. The Himalayan has the reputation of being the first ever indigenously developed adventure bike in India. The Himalayan aims to deliver pure motorcycling experience in the offbeat terrain without making a huge dent in your wallet.

So, what is all the fuss about this new Himalayan?

It is an important motorcycle, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, so much so that it can be considered as a milestone in Indian motorcycling history. It represents a first in many fronts. It is the first purpose-built enduro motorcycle by an Indian manufacturer. It is also the first motorcycle that employs Royal Enfield’s all-new 410cc engine, and it is first time they are branching away from road motorcycles.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 1


What does an ‘Enduro’ motorcycle mean in the first place?

Simply put, an enduro motorcycle is a mix between a motocross bike and a tourer. Think of them as SUVs of the two-wheeled world. It is a motorcycle for riders who intend to explore the length and breadth of the country, regardless of the terrain they may encounter. The Himalayan has been purpose-engineered to handle rugged terrain with ease, without compromising on-road usability. It has got high-ground clearance, beefier suspension, spoke wheels, and minimal body panels, all to endure the rigours of riding over rough terrains. One moment, you can be puttering comfortably along on the highway, and the next, you can be sliding your rear wheel on an unpaved trail.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 2


I’ve seen naked bikes, but this is another level altogether

This is as minimalistic as it can get. The Himalayan’s design is purely utilitarian; there is not a single panel on the bike that serves an aesthetic purpose. It is just tank, seats, chassis, and wheels, that’s all. You can make it look even more purposeful by opting for the optional hard luggage panniers and side-mounted jerry cans. Clearly, this is a motorcycle not for posers, but for hardcore touring enthusiasts.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 3


It comes with a new engine, right?

Yes, the Himalayan will be powered by an all-new 410cc oil-cooled single cylinder engine. It is said to make around 25 bhp. It might not seem like much, but being a long-stroke motor, it would surely compensate that with a high torque output. The engine has been engineered with a focus on reliability and efficiency in all riding conditions, given the Himalayan’s adventure touring intentions.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 4


How adept will it be at tackling the rough stuff?

From what we can see, we’d say very. An all-new chassis and suspension setup has been developed by Harris Performance UK exclusively for the Himalayan. A reverse-staggered wheel set up is employed for better off-road stability, with a 21-incher up front and a 17-incher at the rear. Disc brakes are used at both ends. Given the amount of time spent perfecting the setup according to the video below, the Himalayan seems to promise exceptional dynamic performance for an enduro motorcycle.


It seems like an extreme piece of kit. Who is it targeted at?

Now, you might think that the Himalayan is for hardcore adventure touring enthusiasts only. Nope, you would be wrong. It would be perfectly suited for negotiating our woefully pockmarked city roads as well. You could use it as a bike for your daily commute, as well as your occasional excursions on the highway or off-road. Talk about multi-purpose.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 6


It must be quite expensive then?

Going by the specifications and kit on offer, we’d say that a price tag between Rs 1.85 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs on-road seems likely. We’d need to see the final prices and specifications before we can term it value for money though.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Preview - 7


Stay tuned for a comprehensive road test of the Royal Enfield Himalayan here on!

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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