6 Simple-Yet-Effective Tips To Get The Best Mileage From Your Bike


Are you getting the best mileage out of your bike?


Many people tend to think that regardless of how they ride a bike, they would obtain the mileage figure claimed by the manufacturer. This is not true – the mileage that a bike delivers depends on various factors, such as surface condition, traffic and most importantly the riders themselves. This means that achieving the manufacturer claimed mileage figure is virtually impossible, as those figures are obtained under laboratory conditions.


Although we cannot control the first two factors, one can always change the way they ride. So here are 6 simple-yet-effective tips that will help you obtain the best mileage out of your bike.



1. Ride gently


Calmer the approach to riding, higher will be the mileage you get. If you accelerate hard, you will need to brake equally hard to stop. This would result in poor mileage, as accelerating hard consumes a lot of fuel. Accelerate gradually and try to coasting to a stop, with minimal braking. This will help in maintaining a good average speed, which will result in higher mileage.



2. Switch off the engine when you are idling for long


When at a long signal or a train crossing, switch off the engine. It is true that idling at standstill consumes less fuel than at engine start-up, but that is only when the bike is idling for less than a minute. If the stop is longer than that, turning off the engine will save fuel.



3. Maintain the recommended air pressure


Air pressure in the tyres must be checked frequently and maintained at the manufacturer-recommended level for best fuel economy. Low tyre pressure will decrease mileage as the rolling resistance is increased due to wider contact of the tyre on the surface area, whereas high pressure will result in a reduced contact patch which decreases stability, even though the mileage may increase.




4. Maintain your bike meticulously


A well-maintained bike delivers higher mileage. Service your vehicle at regular intervals reccomended in your user manual, as proper lubrication ensures that power isn’t wasted to overcome unnecessary friction.



5. Shift to the highest gear as soon as possible


Always shift to a higher gear as soon as possible. This reduces the engine speed while maintaining the same road speed, thereby improving mileage.



6. DO NOT modify your bike


If you wish to get the best mileage from your bike, refrain from modifying it in anyway. Modifications such as an aftermarket exhaust system, wider rear tyre, full-body fairing might seem cool and trendy, but they will reduce mileage significantly.



By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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