Six tips to prepare your bike for the monsoons


The heaven gates have opened and the scorching summers have come to end. The monsoon affects everything on earth and makes it greener and more beautiful. Unfortunately, your bike is an exception to the rule. The dampness that monsoon brings along is known to damage and rust your bike parts. As a result, bike owners tend to keep their most prized possessions parked and away from the wry eyes of the rain gods. Don’t worry! Make the most of the following tips to protect your bikes from the wrath of the rain gods:

Bike tips for the rainy season


1. Prepare against rust:  It is imperative to take proper care of your motorbike and grind time on preventive maintenance even before the monsoon. Take care and keep your chain well lubricated and clean. Ensure that moisture does not enter your battery terminals and they are coated with petroleum jelly or grease. In addition, it is always suggested to coat the chrome parts with anti-rust solution much before the rains.


2. Pay special attention to your bike tires and brakes: Brake, tires, and engine form the holy trinity of your motorbike. Hence, it is essential to take care of all of them.  Proper functioning of your bike brakes is critical for the safety of every bike owner as even a small glitch in brakes can lead to a catastrophe. Regularly check that the discs, liners and the inside of drum brakes are clean and oiled. In the monsoon, it is impossible to brake suddenly or hard. Hence, a high-quality brake system is important to your safety on the road. With respect to the tires, check if the tires are worn out. Low grade tire condition is an invitation to accidents.


3. Illumination is crucial: Visibility drops exponentially during the inclement weather. Therefore it is important to get your lights and connections looked at before the monsoons begin. To improve your visibility on the road put reflective stickers on your bike and wear bright colors while riding. Trust me, it might just save your life.


4. Pay attention to parking: Park your beloved bike under a shed even when you halt for small breaks. At all costs, avoid parking it under a tree. Tree branches are known to fall under heavy downpours and you really don’t want to see your bike smashed by a tree branch. If possible, get your bike a rain-protection cover to prevent the rain water from entering the sensitive areas.


5. Keep your motorbike waxed:  The best tip is to keep your motorbike washed and waxed. Wax is an excellent option to prevent any kind of rust build-up and keeping the surface shining. So wax your bike regularly to be able to see your face on the surface.


6. Bike Insurance is the savior: Purchase a good two wheeler insurance policy which would protect you against a number of risks such as an accident. Two wheeler Insurance is a mandate by law and is crucial in avoiding a financial tragedy.Check out Reliance General Insurance in for some good offers on two wheeler insurance


Hope these tips help you in ensuring that your bike welcomes the monsoon as much as you do.

Vaibhav is a waggish, witty, wry, whimsical, and wicked writer. He is usually found writing random stuff on his laptop or cracking sarcastic jokes. In his free time, he enjoys getting bashed by his family and having wild night-outs with his friends.

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