9 Easy Steps to Guarantee the Best Price When Selling Your Used Bike


Replacement demand has been one of the main driving forces behind the growth of two-wheeler sales in the country. It is estimated that the average time before a two-wheeler changes hands is around 4-5 years. This has led to a boom in the used bike market that has given the seller an opportunity to find the right buyer.


Some of the the most common problems you could encounter while looking to sell your bike are unreliable dealers, varied prices and bike-related issues that could lower its resale value. Here are 9 easy steps to guarantee that you get the best price for your used bike.



1. Original documentation

Keep all the original documentation of your bike safely. Having all the bike’s original documents at the time of its sale will prove the vehicle’s authenticity, and will also ease the process of transferring ownership to the buyer.


2. Service

Service your bike at intervals recommended by the manufacturer, only at the authorized service centre. Keep all service bills safely as this could be shown to the buyer as proof that the bike has been well-maintained.


3. Maintenance

As far as possible, keep your bike covered from dust when parked. This will reduce the build-up of dust in crevices, which can affect the bike’s electrical systems.


4. Riding style

Don’t stress your bike by overloading, over-revving the engine or shifting gears at the wrong speeds. These traits can be identified easily, and will result in a lower price for your vehicle in the used bike market.


5. Modifications

Refrain from modifying your two-wheeler in a way that is detrimental to its performance, e.g. fitting an aftermarket silencer or an air-filter, mounting a full fairing, or replacing the stock tyre with a fatter one.


6. Body condition

Get all dents and scratches fixed by a competent body workshop. A clean and scratch-free look will add to the vehicle’s value.


7. Test Ride

Most potential buyers will request for a test ride before negotiating on the price. Make sure you accompany the person even if they request for a solo ride, as this will ensure that you keep cons at bay.


8. Price and negotiation

Always be open for negotiation. Quote a price slightly higher than what you expect, as this will allow room for negotiation. Check the local classifieds, used bike dealers and online used bike portals for the current market price to make sure you are not overpricing your vehicle, as a high price will drive away potential buyers.


9. Deal with a smile

Your attitude will play a crucial role in securing a good deal. Answer all enquires with a smile.


By Jaichandran Jayapalan and Rohit Kuttappa


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