ABS and CBS mandatory on bikes from April 2018


The road transport ministry of India has made it mandatory for two wheelers to be equipped with ABS or Anti-lock Brake System and CBS or Combined braking system by 2018. New products have to be equipped with the above features by 2017. This is great news for our country where two-wheeler related accidents account for majority of fatalities on the road.

However, bikes under 125cc engine capacity are exempted from the above decree. No doubt that two wheeler manufacturers will use this loophole to downsize their bikes’ capacities. The problem here is that nearly half the bikes in our market belong to the sub-125cc category.

2015 abs

ABS is a safety feature that aims to prevent wheel lock during sudden braking. The system achieves this by using wheel speed sensors and applying braking force in pulses to the wheel which is about to lock. Combined Braking System is another passive safety feature which ensures effective braking. When the rider pulls on the brake lever, both the front and rear brakes are applied simultaneously thereby reducing braking distance.

This decree by the Indian transport ministry comes at a time when the two-wheeler market is growing at an unprecedented pace. There is no doubt this move would go a long way in reducing two-wheeler related accidents in our country. 


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