Armotia Due X- A 2WD Electric Dirt Bike



Dirt bikes have their own following the world over. They give you an amazing rush of adrenaline, while also giving you a good workout. A new trend is emerging in the world of dirt bikes and this refers to the ever increasing interest in electric dirt bikes. As the world of cars is slowly shifting towards electric powertrain, it is only a matter of time for the two-wheeler industry to experience a similar shift, at least in developed markets.

The advantages of e-DirtBikes

Electric motocross bikes have certain advantages over conventional dirt bikes. Bikes like the Zero FX are fun to ride and do not contribute to noise pollution. So, you can basically ride one in your neighbourhood without creating a ruckus. While the power produced in comparison to conventional dirt bikes is marginally lesser, these bikes have outrageous torque figures. You also have the satisfaction of not contributing to air pollution. These bikes also typically are clutch less bikes with automatic transmission systems. That being said, the immediate disadvantages are range and price.


What makes the Due X Special?

Italian bike manufacturer Armotia has come with an interesting new product in the e-dirtbike segment. Notice that we say product and not prototype. The bike will be launched in the near future. Enter the Armotia Due X-an electric Dirtbike that hides a secret. The Due X is a 2 Wheel Drive electric Dirt Bike. There are two separate motors powering each wheel-A main motor that is coupled to the rear wheel via a chain drive and a secondary hub motor coupled to the front wheel. The 2WD configuration will provide great traction on surfaces that offer very little friction or grip.

 The innovation doesn’t stop there. The Armotia, unlike conventional bikes, comes with a heavy duty android smartphone in place an in-built instrument cluster. Currently, we are living in a period where every service is migrating to the mobile phone. These smartphones are incredibly powerful and versatile. By pairing the mobile phone with the motorcycle, one can view all the necessary information on the screen, including analytics. Weather won’t be a problem as the phone is waterproof.   


Let’s assume that you go for a long ride off-road and you want to shoot your little escapade. Unfortunately, you left your GoPro at home. Fear not, as the Due X comes with an in-built action camera. So, now you can capture all your rides using the bike’s own camera.

Tech Specs and Price

It’s time to talk numbers now. The Due X has a 5.1 Kwh battery that powers the bike to a claimed top speed of 80 kmph. The range of the battery is not specified in terms of Km but the company says that the battery will last for over an hour.

Prices for the Due X will start at $13,500( About 9 lakhs in INR). It makes no practical sense to buy this bike unless you are a hard core dirtbike enthusiast. As of now, there are no plans for Armotia to enter the Indian market. Stay tuned for more information in this segment.


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