Ather unveils smart e-scooter


In India, there is a growing interest towards electric and hybrid vehicles. For example, Toyota has tasted success in India with the Camry and Prius Hybrid. As car manufacturers work towards zero emissions, bike manufacturers have not remained idle. A case in point is Ather energy-A company that aims to revolutionize e-scooters in India.


Ather is an automotive company based out of Bangalore that specializes in electric powertrain. Earlier, we reported that Ather was working on a new electric scooter. Now, the company has officially unveiled the Ather S340- A smart electric scooter. The Ather S340, when it goes on sale later this year, will be the first ever smart e-scooter designed and manufactured in India.


This e-scooter has been designed and engineered with plenty of cutting edge technology. The highly capable batteries on the scooter, made out of lithium ion, provide a range of 60 Km on full charge. These batteries also have a shelf life of about 50,000 Km, which is more than what owners hope to ride. The low centre of gravity will make riding this e-scooter a breeze. This S340 comes with smart LED headlight technology which automatically adjusts brightness in response to light in the surroundings.


These days, everything is shifting towards IOT or Internet of things. Ather has equipped the S340 with an android based touchscreen system in place of the traditional instrument cluster. The system serves as a valuable analytics tool for the rider. The rider can change ride modes, view usage statistics, use satellite navigation etc. These are features that are never before seen on a scooter in India.


How to buy the Ather S340?

Ather is drawing lot comparisons with Tesla. The latter is known for its cutting edge electric powertrain technology and its direct approach to sales (No dealership). Ather is also doing similar things in the two-wheeler space. Like Tesla, Ather will also release over the air updates to the S340 e-scooter. Also like Tesla, Ather will set up experience centres in various cities where customers can test ride the scooters. The scooter can only be purchased via the Ather website. There will be no dealerships; the scooters will be delivered home. Ather will also offer home pick up for service.

Pre-orders for the scooter will begin in second quarter this year and deliveries will commence by third quarter.  E-commerce giant Flipkart has invested in Ather energy. The company will use a large portion of this investment to setup a manufacturing plant at Whitefield in Bangalore. We can’t wait to test the Ather. Stay tuned for more information in this segment.      


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