Benelli TreK 1130 Amazonas - First Look


The enduro motorcycle market in India may still be taking its baby steps, but that hasn’t stopped top manufacturers from offering their best adventure motorcycles here. With the exception of KTM, all major international players, Aprilia, BMW, Triumph, and Ducati, have a presence in this space in India. Now, Benelli will also be joining the party, with their TreK 1130 Amazonas. The company showcased their flagship adventure bike at the recently concluded India Bike Week in Goa, and has announced that it will be launched officially in India in March 2015, along with the entire Benelli line-up which was unveiled last year.


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The TreK 1130 was first launched internationally in 2006, and has remained largely unchanged ever since, save for a few minor upgrades. In its current form, it is powered by a 1131cc in-line 3-cylinder engine, the same unit that’s found in the mental TNT 1130, albeit in a relatively milder state of tune. The triple is a very torquey motor, churning 112 Nm at a low 5000rpm, while the power output stands at 126 bhp @ 9000rpm. The engine is mounted to an exquisitely-crafted steel trellis frame. Other chassis parts include 48mm long-travel upside-down telescopic forks at the front, and a Sachs monoshock at the rear, both fully-adjustable, along with twin petal disc brakes at the front, and a single petal disc unit at the rear.


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Design-wise, the TreK 1130 looks very striking, thanks to the aggressively-styled half-fairing and the imposingly tall stance. It looks very slim and lithe for an enduro motorcycle, and it is very light too, weighing in at a relatively low 205kg with all fluids except fuel, when its competitors weigh at around 215 – 250 kgs dry. In Amazonas-spec, the bike comes with a 22-litre fuel tank and removable luggage panniers, which should allow riders to explore the world with ease.


New-age enduro motorcycles come chock-a-block with high-tech electronic rider aids, intended to allow even relatively inexperienced riders to pilot them with ease and safety. Not the Trek though. All you get are two riding modes, which soften the throttle response for tricky conditions. Apart from that, you get nothing else, not even ABS. This makes the TreK 1130 a bike that’s best suited for the experienced throttle hand.


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The Benelli TreK 1130 Amazonas is expected to be priced between Rs 14 – 16 lakhs, given the top-drawer parts it is equipped with, and the fact that it will be imported as a Completely Built Unit (CBU). It looks like the freedom to explore does come at quite a price.


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Jaichandran Jayapalan

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