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In the coming months, helmets are going to be made mandatory for all two-wheeler users across India. If you haven’t bought a helmet already, or looking to change your aging lid, we’ve listed out a bunch of helmets from reputed manufacturers, all under Rs 2000. If you like a helmet, just follow the link below each listing, and you can buy it right here on!


Replay Essex Wave – Rs 806

This half-face helmet from Replay makes for a good first helmet. It is stylish, has a sizeable visor, and is lightweight. It is made using the latest Italian technologies to ensure a comfortable fit with no compromise on safety.

Check out the Replay Essex Wave here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 – Replay Essex Wave


Studds Chrome Elite – Rs 820

If you are looking for a quality full-face helmet at a budget, the Studds Chrome should be a good choice. It is made from a special high-impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. This helmet gets an attractive unpainted outer shell what has a special texture, which means it’ll be easy to maintain. It comes with features like an optically-correct scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor, dynamic ventilation system for increased air-flow, and a quick-release chinstrap mechanism.

Check out the Studds Chrome Elite here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 – Studds Chrome


Vega Cruiser – Rs 923

The Vega Cruiser is an open-faced helmet designed for street use. It is built using quality shock absorption materials that improve rider safety, while maintaining a lightweight profile. It comes with a scratch-resistant visor that offers UV protection as well.

Check out the Vega Cruiser here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Vega Cruiser


Vega Formula HP Motocraft – Rs 966

The Formula HP is a street helmet from Vega. The USP of this helmet is its sporty design. It is designed for superior safety without compromise on comfort. Features include vents for airflow, a scratch-resistant visor and a silent chin-strap lock.

Check out the Vega Formula HP Motocraft here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Vega Formula HP Motocraft


Replay Dream – Rs 1232

The Replay Dream is a full-face helmet with an opening front section. This means that it can be used either as a half-face helmet or a full-face helmet. The Dream helmet is crafted using the latest technology to provide utmost safety and comfort while riding. The helmet features a satin-finish painted exterior shell, along with extra-comfort padded interior.

Check out the Replay Dream here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Replay Dream


Studds Ninja D4 – Rs 1280

The Studds Ninja D4 is a stylish flip-up helmet, one that can be used either as a full or a half-face helmet. It has a sporty shape, and gets a set of cool graphics. With respect to safety, the helmet is made using special grade thermoplastic, with regulated density EPS padding. Features include an optically-correct scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor, a dynamic ventilation system, and a quick-release chinstrap mechanism.

Check out the Studds Ninja D4 here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Studds Ninja D4


Studds Rhyno – Rs 1400

The Studds Rhyno is a sporty full-face helmet designed for street-use. It has an outer shell that’s designed for utmost safety, and is manufactured using high-quality impact-resistant thermoplastic. The helmet also sports an optically-true visor that made from injected polycarbonate, and has a silicon hard coat for protection from scratches.

Check out the Studds Rhyno here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Studds Rhyno


Studds Motocross – Rs 1480

The Motocross helmet from Studds is a stylish helmet that can be worn for street and off-road use. It is designed with and extended chin area, which is meant to protect the rider from face-first falls, which is common with off-road riding. The helmet comes with a removable top visor, along with a clear-glass visor. This helmet gets strategically-placed vents for adequate airflow, and a quick-release chinstrap.

Check out the Studds Motocross here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Studds Motocross


Studds Ninja 3G – Rs 1640

The Studds Ninja 3G is a high-quality flip-up helmet for urban use. In the summer, the front section can be flipped and it can be used as a half-faced helmet. In the winter, or when touring, the front can be flipped down for better protection from the wind. The helmet gets numerous air-vents for better air flow to help keep the rider’s head cool, along with a scratch proof visor.

Check out the Studds Ninja 3G here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Studds Ninja 3G


Studds Shifter – Rs 1879

If you’ve got a sub-200cc performance motorcycle, then the Studds shifter should do the trick for you. It has two visors, the conventional outer visor, and a darkened inner unit. The visor is easily removable too, in-case you need to replace it. The helmet has a stylish, sporty design, and should appeal to young riders. It comes with numerous features, such as an optically-correct scratch resistant visor, a quick-release chinstrap, and a ventilation system for improved rider comfort.

Check out the Studds Shifter here

Best Helmets Under Rs2000 - Studds Shifter


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