Top Five Modifications for Bajaj Pulsars in India


The Bajaj Pulsar is one of the best-selling performance bikes in India. While this is great for the company, it isn’t so great for those amongst you who’d want a bit of exclusivity. So, if you’ve got a Pulsar, how do you stand out amongst the million other Pulsars out there on the roads? Simple - you customize your bike! You can add your own unique touch to your Pulsar by adding any or all of the below mentioned modifications! Scroll down to check out the some of the most popular visual and performance modifications you can perform on your Bajaj Pulsar bike!


1. Xenon Lights

Xenon Headlights offer excellent illumination at night. They also make your Pulsar look a whole lot cooler, giving it a premium look when viewed from the front. They might be more expensive than your standard lights, but they last much longer than regular halogen lights.

Xenon Lights for Bajaj Pulsar

Check out the Vheelocity White Ring Bi-Xenon Motorcycle Headlamp for Bajaj Pulsars over here:


2. Custom Shape LED Light Strips

This accessory can give your Pulsar a distinct look, unlike any other bike on the road. It is extremely customizable and easy to install, so its usage is limited only by your imagination. You can use it either as daytime running lights, underbody lights, or even to illuminate the sides of your bike!

Custom Shape LED Light Strips for Bajaj Pulsar

Check out the Vheelocity White Custom Shape Motorcycle Daytime Running Light for Bajaj Pulsars over here:


3. Round LED indicators

These indicators will give your bike a neo-retro look. The round design is reminiscent of the 90’s motorcycles, while the LED lights give it a new-age touch. Add these to make an impression every time you make a turn!

Round LED indicators for Bajaj Pulsar

Check out the Vheelocity Round LED Indicator for Bajaj Pulsars over here:


4. Performance Exhaust

It would be great to have the performance to match the awesome looks of your modified Pulsar, wouldn’t it? That’s why an aftermarket performance exhaust should be on your list of modifications. A performance exhaust works by reducing the restrictions for the exhaust gases, hence allowing them to flow freely. This allows the engine to rev faster, thereby increasing the power output by a noticeable margin. You can choose from a variety of performance exhausts depending on your preferred shape, color, and finish.

Performance Exhaust for Bajaj Pulsar

Check out the Vheelocity Silver Big Motorcycle Exhaust for Bajaj Pulsars over here:


5. Performance Brake Pads

If you make any performance modifications on your bike, it is absolutely imperative that you upgrade your brakes as well. These performance brake pads from Bosch will improve your Pulsar’s braking, while reducing the effect of fade as well. A must have if you are an enthusiastic rider.

 Performance Brake Pads for Bajaj Pulsar

Check out the Bosch High Performance 2-Wheeler Replacement Brake Pad for Bajaj Pulsars over here:

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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