Bikes for Every Facet of Life (Sub Rs 3 lakhs)


Here is an article with a twist. In an effort to help you choose better, we’ve listed out a few real-world scenarios, and suggested our choice of two-wheelers, ones which we feel are the best suited to tackle them. For ease of categorization, we’re restricting ourselves to two-wheelers priced less than Rs 3 lakhs. Read on and find out which bike or scooter suits what situation the best!



Okay, so if you are a shopaholic, someone who can’t get through a single week without a visit to the mall, the best bet for you would be a scooter. You’ll be able to store your helmet safely, so that you can shop without having the trouble of to lugging it around everywhere you go. Once you qare done shopping, the flat floorboard and underseat storage will allow you to carry them home without fuss. Amongst the current crop of scooters, the TVS Jupiter gets our top billing for a variety of reasons, and would be a perfect companion for your all your impulse shopping trips.  

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - TVS Jupiter



On an average, we tend to spend more than an hour on the road every day, commuting to work and back, sometimes even more. A good commuter motorcycle should offer comfortable ergonomics, good ride quality, and nimble handling, apart from the all-important mileage figure as well. We’ve got three choices, so you can choose as per your budget. Amongst 100cc bikes, we like the Hero Passion X-Pro, which come with a smooth 110cc engine, and offers a comfortable ride. In the 125cc segment, the Honda CB Shine catches our eye, with its brisk performance, smart looks, and comfy ergonomics. As far as the premium commuters go, the Honda CB Unicorn 160 is the best of the lot, thanks to an attractive combination of style, performance, comfort, and efficiency.

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - Honda CB Unicorn 160


Long-distance Touring

If motorcycle touring is your preferred way of unwinding, you should have a bike that feels relaxed while cruising at highway speeds, offers stable handling, and most of all, comfortable ergonomics. The Honda CBR 250R ABS is the first bike that springs to our minds. It may come across as a sports bike, but it in fact bodes very well for long-distance touring. It can hold 120 kmph at a relaxed engine speed, offers great ride quality, and is quite good around the bends too. The biggest plus point is that it comes fitted with ABS, which could prove life-saving on our dangerously unpredictable roads.

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - Honda CBR 250R

Another alternative is the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ABS. While it isn’t as fast as the CBR 250R, it is also a capable tourer. Another plus-point is that it is priced affordably, and comes equipped with useful features such as projector headlights and ABS.

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - Bajaj Pulsar RS200


Track riding/Twisty roads

If you someone who loves stringing a sequence of corners in the fastest possible manner, well, you’re in luck. While there are quite a variety of bikes that cater to this specific need, only a few are priced less than Rs 3 lakhs. One of the best amongst them is the Yamaha R15, the bike that turbocharged the performance biking segment in India. It offers exceptional performance for a 150cc engine, along with superlative handling, all at a relatively affordable price point.

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - Yamaha R15

If you feel that the R15 is too tame for you, well, then the KTM RC390 has to be the answer. Its maniac 373cc single cylinder engine packs a 43bhp punch, and helps it scurry to 100kmph in a scant 6 seconds! The engineers at KTM have tweaked the dynamics in order to deliver an experience as close to riding a Moto3 race bike. This would be the best choice if you are a serious cornering enthusiast. 

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - KTM RC390

Now, if you feel intimidated by the RC390, then we’d suggest you try the excellent KTM RC200. It has the same chassis setup as the RC390, mated to the Duke 200’s engine. While it isn’t as fast as the RC390, the RC200 is much lighter, and quite a lot of fun to ride in its own right. The short gearing and rev-happy engine help it accelerate very quickly, while the low-weight and superb dynamics allow for precise and stable cornering at speed.

Bikes for Every Facet of Life - KTM RC200

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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