Six Bikes That Should be Launched in India


The Indian motorcycle market today has an endless variety of motorcycles. You can buy anything from a 90cc moped to a whopping 2300cc cruiser! The price range is equally varied, with two-wheelers ranging from Rs 35,000 to over Rs 50 lakhs, all available with equal ease throughout the country.

However, while there are a huge variety of choices to cater to every budget, there are many different kinds of two-wheelers that are yet to grace the Indian shores. We tell you what they are, and why it would be awesome if they are launched here!


  1. A quirky commuter motorcycle (Honda Grom)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Honda Grom

Why? Because regular commuters are oh so boring! Manufacturers are scared to experiment in this highly-lucrative segment, which has resulted in bikes that have very few distinctions. A motorcycle like the Honda Grom would inject some liveliness into your mundane morning commutes.


  1. A 125cc sportsbike replica (Aprilia RS4 125/Yamaha R125)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Aprilia RS4 125

Why? Because we get numerous queries asking when Yamaha would be launching the Yamaha R125 in India! Honestly, both Yamaha and Aprilia should consider bringing their 125cc sportsbike replicas over here. There are hordes of people ready to part with their hard earned cash for a bike that looks and handles exactly like a superbike, but minus the deadly speed and stratospheric price.


  1. A quirky scooter (Honda Ruckus)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Honda Ruckus

Why? It’s for the same reason as the commuters above. Scooters have become exceptionally boring. They look more or less the same, and have very similar engines and features. A scooter like the Honda Ruckus would definitely spice things up by a couple of notches. If it were to launch here, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!


  1. A road-legal off-road bike (Honda CRF250L/Yamaha XT 250)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Honda CRF 250L

Why? Because there isn’t a proper (read ‘legal’) bike for both everyday and off-road use here yet. Most people have to resort to modifying their existing motorcycles for off-road use. The Hero Impulse was a fine attempt, but it went unwanted due to lack of power. A 250cc road legal off-road bike like the Honda CRF250L should definitely do the trick.


  1. A dual-sport touring bike (Kawasaki KLR 650)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Kawasaki KLR 650

Why? Because a person on such a bike would be able to go anywhere they feel like, literally! By combining the dynamics and performance of a sport tourer with long-travel suspension and high ground clearance, dual-sport motorcycles have the long-legs to conquer huge distances, along with the capability to ride on any terrain. If a bike like the Kawasaki KLR 650 were to be available in India, you’d be able to tackle both Ladakh and Lonavla with equal gusto.


  1. A 600cc sportsbike (Honda CBR 600RR/Yamaha R6/Suzuki GSX-R600/Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R)

Bikes that should be launched in India – Yamaha R6

Why? Because a litre-class bike is both stupidly expensive, and ridiculously powerful; attach a pair of wings and provide a sufficiently-long ramp, and a bike like the new Yamaha R1 could easily reach the stratosphere*! Compared to their 1000cc brothers, 600cc sportsbikes make more than sufficient power, weigh lesser and have even sharper dynamics, all of which make them well-suited for track-riding and canyon carving. Their engines are also well-suited for urban use, as they make most of their power at high rpms, making them easily controllable. And they are much more affordable too, more so if they are manufactured here, or imported from Thailand. The only option right now is the Triumph Daytona 675, which people are buying by the dozen. We hope Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki all take a leaf out of their book, and start bringing their 600cc sportsbikes into India!

(*Just kidding; scientifically speaking, it isn’t even remotely possible, but you get the picture.)

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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