BMW HUD Motorcycle Helmet - First Look


The CES 2016 was a very interesting event for motorcycle enthusiasts across the world. German giant BMW unveiled two new interesting concepts for the motorcycle world. One was the Head-up display helmet and the other was BMW laser lights concept. Both systems are intended to make riding safer and more enjoyable. BMW Motorrad is no stranger to innovation. The company might be on the something with these two technology systems. Let’s concentrate on the Head-up display system in this section.

bmw hud

The primary function of a Head-up is to project all the necessary information on the rider’s helmet so that he/she does not have to look down at the instrument cluster. This is especially useful while riding fast superbikes wherein a momentary lapse in concentration may be disastrous for the rider. Although a lot of different companies are concentrating on smart helmets, BMW Motorrad’s HUD helmet is one of the quirkiest in the business. The helmet features a transparent screen that covers the right eye of the rider making it look like something out of a science fiction movie.

bmw hud pov

The helmet displays information like vehicle speed, current gear, fuel level etc. The interesting fact is that although these parameters are important, a lot more can be displayed on the screen including a live feed of the rear of the vehicle. This improves safety as the rider does not have to take his/her eye off the road to look at the rear view mirrors. One can also listen to music while wearing the helmet. However, a small downside is that, being a sophisticated electronic device, the helmet has to be charged to make use of the HUD.


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