BMW Laser Lights - First Look


The CES 2016 was a very interesting event for motorcycle enthusiasts across the world. German giant BMW unveiled two new interesting concepts for the motorcycle world. One was the Head-up display helmet and the other was BMW laser lights concept. Both systems are intended to make riding safer and more enjoyable. BMW Motorrad is no stranger to innovation. The company might be on the something with these two technology systems. Let’s concentrate on the Laser light headlamp system in this section.

laser lights

BMW are not newbies when it comes to laser light technology. The company has already started to use this technology in its tech-laden luxury cars, including the 7-series and i8. At CES, BMW Motorrad displayed a K 1600 GTL super tourer equipped with laser lights. The laser headlamp generates a pure white, incredibly bright beam of light with a range that is twice that of conventional headlights. To put it in perspective, conventional headlamps have an average range of 300-350m while the laser headlight has a range of about 600m.

The laser headlight technology has plenty of merits. It increases safety while riding at night and also has a long service life. BMW Motorrad has not yet revealed how much power the technology actually consumers. It’s safe to say that laser lights will take quite a while to make their way into a production model as the cost of adopting the technology is very high. However, this is an interesting piece of technology for the future.


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