BMW Motorrad Unveils Retrofittable ABS Pro System For HP4


By Harshavardhan Kylas


Anti-lock Braking Systems have revolutionized the motorcycle industry. Initially introduced in 1988 by BMW, they have played a major part in helping riders to hold their ground and brake safely even on the most difficult of surfaces


BMW Motorrad has now gone one step further and has officially announced an upgrade to their Race ABS system found on their superbikes. The upgraded system, called the ABS Pro, is specially designed to improve stability when braking in tight turns and on banked roads. Simply put, it prevents the wheels from locking-up when the brakes are applied quickly even when cornering; this reduces abrupt changes in steering force during panic-braking manoeuvres, and stops the motorcycle from destabilizing.


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BMW Motorrad ABS Pro


The ABS Pro system will make its appearance first on the company’s flagship superbike, the HP4, and might be included in other BMW models in the future. This feature is available only on the Rain and Sport modes as it is intended to be used solely for riding daily on the road, and is reasonably priced at €380, which is roughly around Rs. 31,000. While there is no official word from the company regarding its availability in India, we believe that the system should make it here soon, given that there are quite a few HP4s in the country.


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