BMW unveils single-cylinder stunt bike concept


BMW Motorrad has unveiled a radical new concept in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Called the “BMW Concept Stunt G 310”, the bike is targeted at stunt bike enthusiasts. The concept will serve as a preview for the upcoming motorcycle from TVS-BMW, which we believe will be unveiled at EICMA.


Engineering Marvel

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BMW engineers had one clear objective to achieve and that was to create a bike that was lightweight and agile. They have certainly achieved it by means of clever engineering. The use of radically engineered, all-new, single-cylinder engine enabled BMW to develop a compact bike. The cylinder of the engine is inclined towards the rear and the cylinder head is rotated by 180 degrees. BMW had to ensure that the rider had maximum freedom of movement. One way to achieve this was to tuck the exhaust under the seat. Although the exhaust will not be visible, BMW has promised an exciting exhaust note.



The Concept Stunt G 310 was designed and engineered with a lot of input from 4-time world and European stunt riding champion Chris Pfeiffer. He says that the ideal stunt bike has to find the right balance between aggressive performance and control. BMW has ensured a nimble stance by making the front of the bike low and tail high.


Dynamic looks

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We think it is fair to say that the bike looks stunning to look at. The well-proportioned cuts and contours on the bike makes it stand out and gives it an aggressive stance. The low front end and high rear end creates an illusion of speed even when the bike is standing still. All this coupled with a sporty paint job completes the package.


Unique Features

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It is not enough for the bike to look the part. It has to perform like a true stunt bike. BMW have integrated several clever features into the bike to make a statement. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Lockable throttle: This feature will ensure that the bike continues to move even when the rider has removed this hands from the throttle grip.
  2. Second rear Calliper: The use of a second calliper will allow the rider to apply the rear brakes even when his foot is off the foot pegs. The brake is operated by means of a small lever on the left side of the handle bar.
  3. Modified gear ratios: The use of specially modified gear ratios will provide more propulsion to the rear wheels. This will allow riders to lift the front end even at low speeds.
  4. Axle Pegs and Stunt Tail: Special pegs are provided at the front axle and under the seat for the rider to place his foot while doing different stunts. BMW have also incorporated a special “Stunt  Tail” made of Aluminium, which will allow the rider to place his foot, if needed, during a stunt.



We know that TVS and BMW are working towards creating an entry level sports/street bike. If this concept really is a preview of things to come, there are exciting times in store for motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. Are BMW entering the low capacity, high-volume market? Our fingers are crossed.



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