Cardo ScalaRider PACKTALK lets you have a paintball war on motorcycles!


Paintball is an exciting team sport in its conventional form, but when you add motorcycles to the equation, you just take it to a whole new level! Check out Cardo Systems’ new ad showcasing their ScalaRider PACKTALK headset in action. Seems like a whole load of fun, doesn’t it?

The flagship product from Cardo’s range of high-quality wireless helmet headsets, the PACKTALK, as its name suggests, is designed specifically for group riding. It employs the company’s proprietary DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology, which allows you to form an intercom network with 9 other riders with PACKTALK headsets. This would make riding in a group all the more fun and enjoyable. You could share a joke with others, discuss about the last MotoGP race, inform riders behind you about any obstacles ahead, and make sure nobody gets left behind. The DMC technology allows any rider in the network to randomly leave and re-join automatically, if they go beyond the range of the intercom.

2015 Cardo ScalaRider PACKTALK

The device also functions as a high-tech wireless Bluetooth headset, allowing you to make, answer, and even reject calls via voice commands. You can also listen to music from your phone or the built-in FM radio, or even receive direction instructions from your standalone navigation system.

Well, at nearly Rs 23,000 a piece before taxes, the ScalaRider PACKTALK is an expensive device, but if you can get one, and convince your rider friends to do the same, your group rides will never be the same again. Check more about the ScalaRider PACKTALK here ->

Jaichandran Jayapalan

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