Meet the World's Fastest Motorcycle, the Castrol Rocket


Ever since the first speed records were set, man has constantly been trying to go faster, trying to find out how far the boundaries of physics can be pushed. Although this pursuit of speed may seem mindless at first, it serves a greater purpose. It creates a test bed for innovative solutions, which could possibly be incorporated in future vehicles.


Motor lubricants-giant Castrol has joined hands with British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph and American tuners Hot Rod Conspiracy and Carpenter Racing to build the fastest motorcycle in the world. The "Castrol Rocket", as the vehicle is called, is a streamlined motorcycle that is powered by two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines that run on methanol, and output a total of 1000 bhp. The 25-foot long Rocket employs a carbon-Kevlar monocoque chassis housing the rider and all the mechanicals in a shape designed to offer the least resistance to air. Although the Rocket doesn’t look much like a motorcycle, it runs on two wheels shod with special Goodyear high-speed tires, with a stabilizer wheel on either side to support it during launches.


Castrol Rocket


The current land-speed world record for a motorcycle stands at 605.56 kmph (376.363 miles per hour), set in 2010 by the Suzuki Hayabusa-engined Ack Attack streamlined motorcycle. The Castrol Rocket aims to set a new world record by attempting to hit 400 miles per hour (643 kmph). The record attempt will take place on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, where the machine will be piloted by Jason DiSalvo, a professional motorcycle racer who has a few land speed records to his credit.


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Check out this video and some images of the Castrol Rocket:



Castrol Rocket 2


Castrol Rocket


Castrol Rocket


Jaichandran Jayapalan

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