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Dhoom 3 BMW K1300R


Bollywood’s latest action pot-boiler, ‘Dhoom: 3’ is having a great run at the box-office, breaking all existing opening-week records. While the movie does have some of the biggest names in Bollywood starring in it, a major part of its appeal comes from the superbikes that they ride in it. The first two ‘Dhoom’ movies featured extensively-choreographed and exciting chase sequences involving superbikes. Their success resulted in a surge in the popularity of superbikes in India


This time, BMW Motorrad has tied up with the producers of ‘Dhoom: 3’ to become the exclusive motorcycle partner for the movie. Aamir Khan, who plays the antagonist, rides a BMW K1300R, while the lead actors Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra straddle a BMW S1000RR each. Action-packed chase sequences and daring stunts involving these superbikes were filmed on the streets of Chicago, and will be one of the main highlights of ‘Dhoom: 3’.


Enough of the movie, let’s get down to the details of these two amazing superbikes!



BMW S 1000 RR




The S1000RR was BMW’s first litre-class sport bike, launched in 2009 to counter the dominance of the Japanese in that segment. The bike was originally developed to compete in the World Superbike Championships. BMW intended to produce only 1000 road-legal S1000RRs in order to satisfy homologation requirements, but a heavy demand for the superbike saw it become a part of the company’s mainstream product line-up.


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The bike’s 999cc in-line four cylinder engine outputs a monstrous 194 bhp @ 13,000 rpm. Helping lay those thoroughbred horses on the tarmac are a bevy of race-derived electronics, such as a multi-stage traction control system that is touted as one of the best in the business. A launch control system allows the rider to get the best start off the line, while wheelie control helps keep the front wheel heading skywards under full-bore acceleration. A quick-shifter is also included, for lightning-fast clutchless upshifts. Anti-lock brakes, which are fit as standard, help reign in the S 1000 RR from high-speeds. Unlike other superbikes, where the electronic gadgetry is used more as a safety net, the systems on the S1000RR actually help the rider go faster, be it on twisty hill roads or on race tracks.


BMW S1000RR Side View


Interestingly, the S1000RR is one of the few superbikes that have asymmetrically-styled bodywork. While the design is certainly unique, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Aesthetics may not be one of the BMW’s strongest points, but boy, it more than makes up for that with staggering speed and exceptional dynamic potential. The S1000RR is one of the fastest production motorcycles currently on sale, with a top speed of 305 kmph


Unfortunately, all this technology and performance doesn’t come cheap - the BMW S1000RR costs an eye-watering Rs 18 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)! If you can afford one of these beasts though, rest assured you will be getting one of the best motorcycles on the planet.


Check out the full technical specifications for the BMW S1000RR here


BMW S1000RR Image



BMW K 1300 R


BMW K1300R


Don’t let the absence of a full-fairing fool you into making negative assumptions about the BMW K1300R. It isn't a sports bike, but rather a muscle bike, a term used to define naked bikes that possess a very powerful engine and are capable of rapid acceleration. It may be hard to define what the K1300R is precisely meant to do, but it copes very well with all types of riding, be it cruising in the city, a long highway ride, a charge up a twisty mountain road, or even a stint on the race track.  


Design-wise, the K1300R isn’t a beautiful bike to behold, but it does look mean and futuristic, especially in black. Its styling is typical BMW, highlighted by the asymmetrical headlights, the chunky Duolever front suspension components, and the beefy drive shaft that channels power to the massive 190-section rear wheel


BMW K1300R Side View


Like the S1000RR, the K1300R also sports an in-line 4-cylinder engine, albeit displacing 1293ccnearly 300cc more. Power is rated at 172 bhp, but here it's the torque that's the defining figure, with 140 Nm available at a low 8250 rpm. The upshot is a bike that can deliver some scarcely believable acceleration figures, with 0-100kmph dispensed in as little as 2.8 seconds! The lack of refined aerodynamics though limits the top speed to 265 kmph.


The K1300R comes equipped with a multitude of electronic gadgetry, most impressive of which is the second-generation Electronic Suspension Adjustment system, which allows the rider to change suspension settings at the touch of a button. Also included are the capable traction control system and anti-lock brakes as standard. The latter combines with large-diameter twin disc brakes at the front and a single disc at the rear to help riders decelerate quickly, sans drama.


BMW K1300R Side Quarter Profile


If it is raw speed and excitement that you’re looking for, then the K1300R is the BMW superbike for you. Of course, it will be expensive to buy and maintain, but if you have the capacity to spend Rs 21 lakhs on one, you will receive in exchange a very unique motorcycle, one that will thrill you to no end.


Check out the full technical specifications for the BMW K1300R here


Here's a little extra for you: check out the behind the scenes footage of how the chase seqences were filmed for ‘Dhoom: 3’. Looks exciting, doesn't it! 




By Jaichandran Jayapalan




Jaichandran Jayapalan

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