Fitness Matters Part 2 - Basic Workout Routines


In our previous section, we have discussed why fitness is an essential component of effective riding. In this section we’ll look at certain exercise routines which will help you improve form and reduce fatigue during your weekend rides.

Sticking to a routine with consistency, as we know, is extremely difficult. This is especially true for those of you who slog long hours at the office and come back home exhausted. A minimum of 5 hours per week is necessary to achieve optimum results. This is going to be hard to fit into your schedule. One way to get around this is to commute to work on a cycle or walk if possible. If this is not practical then you have to make time after work to either hit the gym or go for a run or ride a bicycle.

 Fitness for motorcyclists - Cycling

The two important aspects to focus on are cardiovascular fitness and strength building. Cardio fitness will focus on increasing the body’s capacity to work over a long period of time. Strength building or anaerobic fitness refers to increasing the strength of our muscle by creating a temporary oxygen deficit by consuming more oxygen than the cardiovascular system can supply. As a result glycogen is burnt instead of oxygen.

The easiest way to achieve cardiovascular fitness is by going out for a run. All it requires are a pair of shorts and shoes. Other forms of cardio include swimming laps, cycling and using an elliptical. Strength building involves building muscular strength. While overall fitness is necessary, a strong core is crucial for maximum results. The abdominal muscles, forearms and inner thighs have to be targeted.

 Fitness for motorcyclists - Jogging

Make sure that you mix up your routine to prevent boredom, which can affect your motivation. For example, don’t run/ cycle along the same route. Similarly, don’t do the same strength exercises every day. Instead, opt for compound exercises as they target more than one specific muscle group.

These tips will help in making you a better a rider.  Make time and stick to your routine and observe the results. Stay tuned for more tips in the coming week.


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