Five enthralling reasons for riding a Motorcycle


The exhilarating feeling of passing through the wind when you are riding your motorcycle is unparalleled. Its feels as if the bike is an extension of your own body. You can smell the air on the road; feel the change of temperatures, and the noise of the wind going by. The bike responds to you much quickly and can hit massive speeds in seconds. This kind of adrenaline flow is impossible to achieve from inside of a windshield. There are millions of reasons for riding a motorcycle. Let’s shed light on a few of them to fall in love with our motorcycle again:

Why we ride motorcycles

  1. Girls dig guys on a motorcycle, and vice-versa: Let’s face it; bikes are the coolest thing on earth. Riding them makes you look cool as well. The cherry on the cake is the fact that girls go crazy over rugged, macho and muscular guys who ride a motorcycle. Likewise, guys will fall head over heels for girls who ride. If you own a bike, just sit back and enjoy the attention.
  2. Bikes help you conquer your fears:  Riding a motorcycle is challenging and that is exactly what makes it so attractive. They also inculcate the skill of learning from your mistakes and overcoming your fears. There is hardly anyone who has not fallen down from his bike. But this does not deter bikers from dusting themselves off and continuing riding as if nothing happened. Conquering your fears is what separates men from boys. Hence, the element of risks in biking makes it so tempting. (Just ensure you have a decent bike insurance policy). In case you wish to buy a two wheeler insurance check out Reliance General two wheeler insurance policy.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of commuting in a bike: Even car owners would agree that motorcycles are more convenient and practical than a car. You would get to work early and your vehicle will consume negligible amount of fuel. Hence, motorcycles are hundred times easier for commuting than cars.
  4. Parking a bike is a piece of cake: It hardly takes any effort in parking a Motorcycle. Your bike doesn’t need any space to park. Now think about how dreadful parking a car is, in comparison to a motorcycle.
  5. You are out in the open: Biking gets you as close to the nature as possible. You can smell the oranges on the road, rather than smelling the scent of an orange flavored car freshener. This feeling of being out in the open is incomparable from inside of an enclosed car.

Hope you have renewed your love for riding a motor bike after breezing through this list. May you never part with the beautiful bike that you ride! Amen!

Vaibhav is a waggish, witty, wry, whimsical, and wicked writer. He is usually found writing random stuff on his laptop or cracking sarcastic jokes. In his free time, he enjoys getting bashed by his family and having wild night-outs with his friends.

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