Five Must-Have Gadgets For Bikers


Say, you’re on a long tour on your bike, and you’re in a quandary: your bike’s tyre is punctured, you’re lost and your phone has run out of charge. What will you do?


Luckily, you can prepare yourself before you get into that kind of a situation. Check out these five must-have electronic gadgets for bikers, that’ll make your ride safer and better.



1. Portable Electric Air Pump


This is one gadget that every rider should carry with them at all times. You never know when you might suffer a flat tyre. Most bikes come equipped with tubeless tyres, and while they may be easy to repair, you may still need to push your bike or take its wheel to the nearest fuel station or puncture repair shop to fill air. With a portable electric air pump with you, you can inflate your flat tyre in a few minutes, wherever you are. Most devices run off the bike’s battery, so there is no risk of running out of charge either. If you suffer a flat while riding in the middle of nowhere, this one can be a life saver.


Air Compressor - Bike Tyres



2. Helmet-mounted Bluetooth Headset / Intercom System


Let’s say, when you’re riding your bike, you get a call. You’ll have to either pull over to the side of the road to answer it, or ignore it completely. With a helmet-mounted Bluetooth headset, you can answer calls while riding. Most systems can paired with another one of its type, so you can use it as an intercom system for you and your pillion to communicate easily.


Bike Bluetooth Headset



3. GPS Devices


This is another must have for long-distance riders. While most smartphones come with built-in GPS nowadays, they drain your battery very quickly. It is best if you leave the direction-pointing duties to a stand-alone GPS device. They are more accurate, locate faster, and can operate without a data connection, which is essential in places with no cellular signal. Most of them are weather-proof, and they can be easily mounted on any motorcycle. If you ride long-distances regularly, it would be a great idea to invest in one, so you wouldn’t need to reach for your phone every time you have to look for directions.


Bike GPS



4. Portable Action Cameras


A full-blown DSLR camera maybe great to capture the breathtaking sceneries you may encounter on your ride, but if you wish to film your trip in a more dramatic way, a portable action camera is the answer. You can mount one pretty much anywhere on a motorcycle, or even on yourself. You’ll be able to capture some spectacular moments that would be otherwise too fast for you to shoot with your DSLR. There are now a number of such devices in the market, so you can pick one depending on your requirements and your budget.


Bike Action Camera



5. Portable Battery Pack / Solar Charger


Let’s face it: your phone, GPS and action camera, all depend on electricity to function, and their batteries don’t last forever. A portable charger will ensure you don’t run out of charge in the middle of nowhere. Portable chargers are essentially battery packs that hold enough power to charge your phone twice over.


Solar phone Charger


An alternative to this would be a solar charger. As long as you’ve got sunlight, you can charge your electronic devices, no matter where you might be. 


Portable Charger


By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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