A Guide to Yamaha Bikes in India


The mere mention of Yamaha will conjure up the image of a fast and loud performance bike in the minds of many Indians- all thanks to their initial offerings, like the RD350 and the RX100. Yamaha is one of India’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. All Yamaha bikes in India and world over are known to offer a high-quality build and smooth engine performance. In this article, we shall see how each of Yamaha’s bikes that are on sale in India performs, and which one is best suited for your needs.


Yamaha Crux

Price – Rs 37,600 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 55 kmpl (City), 70 kmpl (Highway)

Yamaha Crux


What we say

The Yamaha Crux is one of the most understated bikes in its class. Virtues such as comfortable ergonomics, high-quality build and a smooth 106cc engine make it stand out amongst its competitors. As a bonus, the Crux looks a tad more appealing than most 100cc commuters. So, if you are looking to buy your first bike in the price range of Rs 35,00 – Rs 40,000, and want to opt for something fuel-efficient, rugged, and visually pleasing, go for the Yamaha Crux.  


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Hero HF Dawn, TVS Star City, TVS Max 4R, Mahindra Pantero, Bajaj Platina 100



Yamaha YBR 110

Price – Rs 45,855 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 55 kmpl (City), 70 kmpl (Highway)


Yamaha YBR 100


What we say

The Yamaha YBR 110 is a better equipped and more stylish version of the Crux, while retaining the same efficiency and ruggedness. The bike is powered by the same 106cc engine, and is equipped with features such as a headlamp cowl, optional electric starter, and alloy wheels. Consider the Yamaha YBR 110 if you are looking for an entry-level commuter in the Rs 45,000 – Rs 50,000 price range.


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Bajaj Discover 100, Hero Splendor Plus, Hero Passion X-Pro, Honda CB Shine, Honda CB Twister, Suzuki Hayate, TVS Sport



Yamaha Ray / Ray Z

Price – Yamaha Ray: Rs 47,105 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

            Yamaha Ray Z: Rs 49,105 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 40 kmpl (City), 45 kmpl (Highway)


Yamaha Ray


What we say

The Yamaha Ray is a great scooter that offers a fantastic combination of performance, efficiency and comfort, all combined in a stylish package that will appeal to the younger generation. If you are looking to purchase an easy-to-ride, comfortable and trendy scooter for your everyday commute, the Yamaha Ray is one scooter you should definitely check out.

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Yamaha Ray Z

Whereas the Ray was positioned exclusively at female consumers, Yamaha targets the male crowd with the Yamaha Ray Z. To differentiate it from the Ray, the Ray Z sports chequered flag-inspired body graphics, black wheels, front visor, and a redesigned grab rail made out of aluminium.  Mechanically, the Ray Z is exactly the same as the Ray, which isn’t a bad thing, considering that the Ray is a great scooter in the first place, although we feel that Yamaha should have upped the performance factor a bit.

If you are planning to buy a sporty-looking scooter for daily use, check out the Yamaha Ray Z.


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Honda Activa, Honda Activa-i, Honda Dio, Hero Pleasure, Hero Maestro, Mahindra Rodeo RZ, TVS Wego, Suzuki Access, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Swish



Yamaha YBR 125

Price – Rs 51,995 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 50 kmpl (City), 65 kmpl (Highway)


Yamaha SS125


What we say

The Yamaha YBR 125 is a great mid-segment commuter. Its 125cc engine churns out a respectable 11bhp and exhibits a refined character that Yamaha is famous for. The YBR 125 comes equipped with an electric starter, alloy wheels, a pass light switch, and an engine kill switch Sadly, a front disc brake isn’t available, even as an optional extra. 

If you need an economical commuter that offers more power than a 100cc bike, do check out the Yamaha YBR 125.


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Honda CB Shine, Hero Super Splendor, TVS Flame SR 125, Bajaj Discover 125, Suzuki Slingshot



Yamaha SS125

Price – Rs 54,700 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 50 kmpl (City), 65 kmpl (Highway)

Yamaha SS125

What we say

The Yamaha SS125 is one of the sportiest 125cc bikes available in the market. While it is powered by the same 125cc engine as the YBR 125, the SS125 offers a 5-speed gearbox over the YBR’s 4-speed unit. This offers better rideability and improves mileage. The bike offers an upright seating posture and a soft ride quality, which aids rider comfort. The SS125 is equipped with features such as an electric starter, alloy wheels, front disc brake, tachometer, and an engine cowl.

Check out the Yamaha SS125 if you want a bike that is fun-to-ride, yet delivers high mileage.


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Honda CBF Stunner, Hero Glamour, TVS Phoenix 125, Bajaj Discover 125 T



Yamaha SZ-S / SZ-RR

Price – Yamaha SZ-S: Rs 55,700 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

             Yamaha SZ-RR: Rs 58,750 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 45 kmpl (City), 60 kmpl (Highway)

Yamaha SZ


What we say

The SZ series of bikes from Yamaha, comprising of the SZ-S and SZ-RR, are a part of a rare segment of affordable 150cc bikes. These bikes offer consumers more performance than a 125cc bike, while delivering a similar mileage figure. The Yamaha SZ-S is an able performer, with enough power on tap for overtaking and cruising. The SZ-S offers features such as an electric starter, alloy wheels, and an optional front disc brake.

Read more about the Yamaha SZ-S here


Yamaha SZ RR


The Yamaha SZ-RR is mechanically the same as the SZ-S, but features additional design elements such as a smoked fly-screen, tank shrouds, and a front disc brake as standard.

The SZ-S and the SZ-RR are aimed at those upgrading from a 100cc or a 125cc bike, and those who want a fuel-efficient 150cc bike.

Read more about the Yamaha SZ-RR here



Hero Achiever, Bajaj Discover 125 ST



Yamaha FZ-16 / FZ-S

Price – FZ-16: Rs 70,855 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

            FZ-S: Rs 72,885 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 35 kmpl (City), 45 kmpl (Highway)


Yamaha FZ 16


What we say

The Yamaha FZ-16 is one of the most popular street bikes that are currently on sale in India, not just by chance. The “macho” styling theme, a wide rear tyre and its nimble handling captured the imagination of the young college-going crowd. The engine characteristics and wide handlebar make it an ideal city bike, with adequate power and low-end torque on tap to stay ahead of the traffic, the latter enhancing leverage for improved manoeuvrability. The beefy suspension components offer comfortable ride quality and high-speed stability. The FZ-16 seats riders in an upright posture, with the feet placed slightly rearward.

Read more about the Yamaha FZ-16 here   

Yamaha FZ-S

The Yamaha FZ-S is a version of the FZ-16 that offers an additional headlamp cowl and a wider range of paint schemes, while retaining the same mechanicals.

Do check out the FZ-16/FZ-S if you are in the market for a sporty-yet-comfortable street bike in the Rs 75,000 to Rs 85,000 price bracket


Read more about the Yamaha FZ-S here



Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi, Honda CB Trigger, TVS Apache RTR 160, Hero Hunk



Yamaha Fazer

Price – Rs 77,985 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 35 kmpl (City), 45 kmpl (Highway)

Yamaha Fazer


What we say

The Yamaha Fazer is a variant of the FZ16 series that is modified for touring. While it shares all its mechanicals with the FZ16, it features an aerodynamic fairing and a flatter handle bar, both of which aid long-distance riding. The engine offers sufficient performance as it generates a lot of torque at low rpms, aiding the Fazer’s ability to cruise. Considering its positioning as a tourer, Yamaha should have ideally upped the power and torque output, but regardless, the Fazer is a well-built and comfortable bike that can be used for the daily commute and the occasional highway ride.  


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Hero Karizma R



Yamaha R15

Price – Rs 1,12,105 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Average Mileage – 30 kmpl (City), 40 kmpl (Highway)

Yamaha R15

What we say

 The Yamaha R15 is one of the best sport bikes in India under Rs 2 lakh. The R15 combines a powerful and tech-loaded 150cc engine, with a track-honed chassis, creating a package that offers both performance and excellent handling characteristics. With the handlebars set low and the foot pegs set rearward, the ergonomics of the R15 position the rider in a sporty stance. This posture may bode well for track riding, but isn’t the most comfortable when riding in the city. That said, the small dimensions allow it to manoeuver easily through traffic. The engine allows for smooth cruising, which along with the aerodynamic fairing makes touring possible. An important point to note is that the R15 is a compact bike with a low seat height, and is best suited for riders under 5’9”.         

If you are looking for a sports bike that you can use on a daily basis, you should definitely consider the R15.     


Read more about the Yamaha R15 here



Honda CBR 150R



By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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