Honda unveils all-new CRF 250M


Honda has unveiled the CRF 250M, a new supermoto variant of the CRF 250L off-road bike. The 250M is powered by the same 250cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine as the CBR 250R, although it is tuned for low-end torque, outputting 20bhp, 5 bhp lesser than CBR. The CRF 250M is a thorough supermoto bike, with high ground clearance, a high-seating position, long travel suspension and 17” road tires on spoke wheels, combined with the slim body of an off-road bike, all of which help in making it extremely nimble to ride through city traffic. The off-road suspension and spoke wheels help to ride over large bumps and through potholes comfortably.


Honda CRF 250 M


At the moment, Honda has announced the CRF 250M for sale only in Thailand. Considering the good response to the Hero Impulse in the Indian market, launching the CRF 250M in India would add great value to Honda’s product line up, as it would make for a very practical bike for our road conditions.



Jaichandran Jayapalan

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