Fitness Matters – How Being Fit Makes you a Better Rider


People find it difficult to understand that motorcycle riding requires fitness just like any other athletic activity. The sceptics feel that it is quite easy for all these weekend riders to ride their fancy, powerful motorcycles. They do not understand that it takes a lot of strength for the riders to hurl these bikes into tricky corners repeatedly. But, if you are ride as a group frequently, you may have noticed that some of the fitter members of the group are much better at coping with the challenges posed by the road.

Motorcycle Rider Fitness

We are not saying that the fitter riders are necessarily more skilful than the heavier ones as that that’s certainly not true. What we are saying is that the fitter you are, the easier it is for you to shrug off fatigue. Fatigue is your worst enemy on a motorcycle. Once it sets in, you will not have the strength to fully control your motorcycle. In addition to this, fatigue kills your concentration and makes you prone to mistakes. The reality is that the fitter you are, the better you are going to be at acquiring skills for riding effectively without injuries and fatigue. As with any other physical activity, a fit body helps you maintain form for a prolonged period of time.

Therefore a basic combination of Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness is necessary to make you a better rider. Aerobic fitness here refers to the health of your cardiovascular system. Anaerobic fitness refers to high levels of muscle strength. A healthy fitness regime will make you resistant to fatigue and thus make you enjoy your long ride in bliss. So, go on, get fit and ride your bike, you’ll feel the difference. In the coming weeks, we’ll enlighten you with a set of exercises to warm your body up for any long rides. Watch this space! 


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