How To Compare Multiple Bikes Before Buying One


Now that you have shortlisted your preferred bikes, the next step would be to compare the selected options and the features that you are particular about.


To compare a set bikes, you need to weigh all the options against your needs. For example, let us assume you require a premium commuter bike in the price range of Rs 65,000 – 75,000, with a fuel efficiency figure above 45km/litre, soft suspension to soak up bad roads, and adequate pick-up for that occasional highway jaunt. The bikes you have shortlisted are the Hero Impulse, the Yamaha FZ-16, and the Honda CB Unicorn.


The next step would be to compare them on their various technical specifications. Click the link below to view the comparison.


Hero Impulse vs Yamaha FZ16 vs Honda Unicorn - 


Once you have analysed the comparison, you will note that the Impulse can soak up bad roads thanks to its long travel suspension, but since the saddle height is on the higher side, you might find getting on and off the bike to be quite a task. The FZ-16 is a highway tourer as it is powered by an engine that produces high torque at low revs, but is priced beyond your budget. The CB Unicorn boasts of features such as a rear-monoshock that offers a comfortable ride, adequate torque for highway cruising, and a claimed mileage of over 55 kmpl. In this case, your best choice would be the Unicorn, as it meets all of the aforementioned requirements.


This process would help you identify the right bike for your needs. Check out our Compare Bikes section and compare upto three of your favorite bikes: Compare Bikes -



By Jaichandran Jayapalan


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