How to fix a tubeless tyre puncture


Picture this: you are on your bike, riding to a really crucial meeting, and your rear tyre decides to get punctured. Wouldn't that be very annoying?


Fortunately, with tubeless tyres being fitted on almost all two-wheelers sold today, punctures are a lot easier to handle than before. So instead of cursing your luck, you can fix the puncture all by yourself in a matter of minutes and ride on.


It is very easy to fix a tubeless tyre puncture, if the rider is equipped with the necessary tools. Here is a list of tools that are necessary:

1) A tubeless tyre puncture repair kit, consisting of a tyre reamer, a plugger tool, and puncture repair rubber strips

2) Pliers

3) A Blade


Once you are equipped with the right tools, carefully read the following steps:


Step 1:

Find the cause of the puncture. In most cases, it will be a foreign object that you might have unwittingly run over, something like a nail, or a shard of glass but occasionally, something sharp could have bored a hole.


Step 2:

Once you've found the location of the puncture, if the cause is a foreign object, remove it carefully using the pliers.


Step 3:

Using the reamer, smoothen the point of puncture, till you are able to pull out the reamer without any obstruction. 


Step 4:

Now, insert a rubber strip lengthways into the hole at the pointed end of the plugger tool, till the middle, leaving two equal halves of the strip on either side.   


Step 5:

Insert the plugger tool into the point of puncture, till about 10 - 15 mm of the rubber strip is left.


Step 6:

Make sure the rubber strip fits tightly into the hole. Once you've made sure the hole is plugged tightly, twist the plugger tool 180 degrees and pull it out.


Step 7:

Cut the excess rubber strip using the blade. Make sure you leave a slight excess of the strip. Voila! You've fixed a tubeless tyre puncture all by yourself!



For a better understanding, watch the video below:


By Jaichandran Jayapalan


Video Courtesy: PulsarManiacs @


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