Is Motorcycle Insurance of any use?


“Motorcycle insurance is a futile investment” screamed Kirti, my baby sister. I tried hard to explain to her why the security of two-wheeler insurance is important. But her young blood proved to be too rebellious for my liking. Her argument was, last year she bought a good insurance policy and never made a claim. So basically, her entire premium amount went down the drain. Since two-wheeler insurance is mandatory by law, she preferred paying a bribe or hiding from the cops rather than paying a small premium amount.

Unfortunately, my baby-sister proved too gullible for her own good as her scooty met with a horrific accident. By god’s grace, she escaped unhurt. I don’t think I need to explain how exposed bike riders are when they are hit by bigger vehicles. Fortunately, Kirti showed some presence of mind and left her bike at the right time. However, her scooty was severely damaged.

Why we ride motorcycles


After laboring her bike towards the garage, she was informed that the repairs would cost her twenty five thousand rupees. Being as pompous as I normally am, I informed her that motorcycle insurance wouldn’t have cost her more than a thousand bucks and the Insurance Company would have taken care of all these expenses. She gave me a wry look which was my cue to shut up.

And that I believe is the story of thousands of people who turn a blind eye to two-wheeler insurance because they think it’s a ‘futile’ investment. What they don’t realize is that a trifling amount every year may keep them safe and secure from a huge financial blow.

Bike Insurance is the real underdog of an investment. It pops up only when you need it the most. I passed my wisdom to Kirti again and this time round she wasn’t reluctant to purchase the policy. Being the tech-freak that she is, she instantly logged on to the internet to buy a bike insurance online. After some more gyan from my side, it took her roughly three minutes to purchase her two wheeler insurance online. I gave her a smug smile that she obviously didn’t enjoy. Isn’t this exactly what big brothers are there for? To preach the hell out of your siblings and then be proud when they finally listen to you. If you have made up your mind and decided to buy a two wheeler insurance policy, check out Reliance General Insurance.

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