Kawasaki Z800 pictures leaked!


Kawasaki Z800 Leaked Image


Images of the Kawasaki Z750’s replacement were leaked onto the internet today. The Z800, as the name suggests, would use an 800cc in-line four cylinder engine with an output expected to exceed 110 bhp. The bodywork of the Kawasaki Z800 is in tune with the design language currently adopted by the company, characterized by the hunkered-down stance coupled with a muscular tank and aggressive cuts and slashes all around. Being a streetfighter, we can expect the Z800 to be capable both on the street and on the track.


An official release from Kawasaki announcing the bike is expected in the weeks to come. Although the Z750 never featured in Kawasaki’s Indian plans, the company's line-up will definitely be strengthened if they consider launching the Z800 in India.


Z800 Rear Quarter View

Z800 Tank


Image Courtesy: SiamRiderClub.com


By Sethu Ramanathan




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